A Funny And Creative Piece Written From The Persective Of A Cat Who Realizes He Is A Homosexual

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My Cat Comes Out Have you ever wondered how the light from the sun shines through the window and forms a rainbow? You know those mini rainbows that shine on the wall and floors and just brighten up a whole room. Well, I have never questioned this phenomenon until now. As usual when my family leaves for the day I happily prance around the house like a queen. I lie on the fluffiest pillows with the most velvety cotton. I sharpen my nails on the most expensive couches. I watch the screensavers of me as a kitten on the computers, and I pick through the leftovers from breakfast. But besides all of that, there really isn't much to do but think all day. I don't have anything to look forward to and nothing exciting every happens. There's nobody else in the house but termites, and the occasional mosquito who finds his way inside. So, I just think about things any typical 2 year old cat would think of. My love life, or lack there of, is what is normally on my mind. To make a long story short, my lover died 3 months ago. I still do not know how he died, but when I think about him my ears sharpen and my hairs stand on end. I miss him. I miss those dates we went on to the living room. And how we drank from the same bowl at the same time. And how he would curl up in my arms and we would fall asleep. I miss the way he would always lick his hair down so he would look good for me. Just thinking about him makes me purr. When we were kittens in the shelter we never got along. I was always off spending time with the soft haired cat Alex. Then the day came when our parents came for us. They chose me, and my soon to be lover. I was unhappy about it at first. But we decided that we were going to be eating from the same bowl and pissing in the same kitty litter for the rest of our cat...

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