A Funny Story During A Ski Trip.

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The first people to ski off of the chairlift that day happened to be two eleven year old girls named Aileen and Megan. Awaking early did not occur often in the girls lives, but the chance to ski caused their heads to rise from the pillow. Arriving at the summit of the mountain nestled in the heart of the Vermont Aileen and Megan greeted their first day of skiing that winter with much anticipation. It was the type of day when the clouds seemed to blanket the sky, leaving no clue that the sun, with its powerful light, even existed anymore. It had not yet begun to snow, but judging by the damp, musty, stale scent in the air, the girls realized it would be only a short time before the white flakes overtook the mountain. Their parents, not as excited about the girl's adventure thought the girls were too young to ski alone. "Skiing alone is never a good idea" their fathers proclaimed, always stay together. Taking their fathers advice Aileen and Megan began to put on their ski jackets.As Aileen and Megan prepared themselves to make the first run, they took a moment to appreciate their surroundings. Somehow things seemed much different up so high on the mountain. The wind, nonexistent at the bottom, began to gust. The winds cold bite found Aileen's nose. The winds quick and sudden swirling movement kicked loose snow into her face, forcing her to zip her jacket over her chin. Aileen found it strange how the gray clouds, which seemed so far above them at the bottom, really didn't appear that high anymore. Megan contemplated that if she had a tall enough ladder she could even touch them. As Aileen gazed out over the landscape, the scene below seemed unrecognizable.The Okemo lodge which the girls had gotten their skis at that very same morning appeared to be like a dollhouse that a child might play inside. The towering chimney of the ski lodge would not have caught Megan's eye had it not been for the tiny stream of gray emerging from it. In the distance, the smoke spiraled upward like tree branches reaching for the sky. The raw air and stung Aileen's face through her many layers of clothing. There was snow all around including on the trail and in the trees. Megan's eyes became blinded by the overwhelming amount of white and absence of color.Too cold to remain at the top...

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