A Future With Out Rights Essay

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John griffen was a normal guy who works for the washington post news paper.
John did'nt have a lot of money or lived in a mantion but lived in a small apartment in a older building. But he takes happiness in his job because he dose what he always wanted to do sins he was a child. Many might consider his job to be boring he simply rights storys about whats new in washington. But for john being a news reporter is nothing but exciting trying to get the best story in a very competative market. On a typical day he spends most of his time around washington following and getting information from hierarchy's in the governmant. In his line of work he can easily make powerful enemies but that what he ...view middle of the document...

Awaking for the second time today he sees nothing but white wondering if he has died. He looks aroun and see that in a hospitle and instantly remember all that had happened to him today. After calming down he sees all this equipment that looks far advance for a normal hospitle. He trise to whipe his face with his hand but can't he thens says to him self why am I handcuffed to the bed. Yelling to recive help and demanding to know why he has been handcuffed to a bed when he had just nearly died. At that moment on the tv in his hospitle room the news is on and they precide to talk about a precident that he has never herd of, and then relise its the president of the United States.

Confused and disgruntaled he sits there waiting for some one to talk to him. Minutes later a doctor a ners and 2 officers walk in to his room; then all the questions he once had was simple for gotten. Checking his basic vitles the doctor says you a luky guy to be alive a bit longer in that building you wouldn't have lived from all the smoke inhalation. Still confused john ask the officers why am I handcuffed they don't answer im, and instead ask the doctor if he's cleared to talk the doctor replis yes but not long he needs to rest. Th officers then tell john he has been arested for trustpassing and they need his real information for health insurance perpuases.

John starts off imideatly by saying that he wasnt trustpassing but that was his appartment and that he lived there for 2 years and even pays rent. John then notes that all his information should be in his walet in his pants poket that was laying in the chair on the other side of the room. The...

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