A Game Can Change Your Whole World Analysis On The Movie The Game, Staring Michael Douglas.

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A Game Can Change Your Whole WorldHow can a game change a person's entire life? It is simple. If the game brings a new awareness to the contender, their life can hold new meaning. Throughout the film The Game, Nicholas Van Orton endures many obstacles and challenges. He becomes a wiser person and what he was once blind to, he now can see. As the game progresses, Nicholas changes his entire outlook on life by learning to love and appreciate people, gaining a new respect for life and he letting go of his greed.Nicholas was once alone and unhappy and did not show affection towards any particular person. As he goes through his game he learns to appreciate people and become affectionate towards them like he never did before. When Nicholas meets Christine, he is a callous and arrogant person, but when he realizes he gets her fired he feels badly about it and goes after her. Soon after, they are being chased by whom they believe to the police. He feels a slight attraction to her and a desire to see her again. Later on, his brother Connie tricks him into believing that he is having a mental breakdown. Nicholas becomes worried for his brother when he leaves arguing and screaming at him. Near the end of the movie he accidentally shoots his brother when he comes out of the doorway. Because Nicholas feels so terrible about it, he jumps off the roof of the building to end his life. After he lands on the crash mat and finds out that Connie is not dead, he realizes his game is over. He breaks down and starts crying out of happiness and hugs his brother to thank him. Nicholas learned to be compassionate and care for others when he believed that he would lose the people that are close to him.People will gain a new respect for life when their lives are put in danger and they become unsure of how they will survive. Nicholas...

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