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A Game Changing Idea – Online Advertising

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There is nothing more ubiquitous than advertising nowadays. People are surrounded by advertisement anywhere and anytime – when they are leafing through newspaper, when they are watching television or they are browsing a website. The constant changes in the advertising industry may be one of the indicators of how fast the business world evolves. By analyzing the impacts and significance of a past game changer, online advertising, we may be able to observe how the business world has been changing in the recent decades.

Online advertising overcame some of the drawbacks of promoting through traditional channels. In the old days without Google and search engines, companies might need to mobilize staff to do door-to-door promotion, to give out leaflets, to post advertisement on newspapers and so forth in order to ensure market outlet for the companies' products. However, one of the disadvantages of these tactics was a waste of time, money and resources. Wanamaker (n.d.) found that it was troublesome for merchants to find out which part of the money spent on advertising via traditional media like television was wasted. When everything goes online, including advertising, companies were only charged for a relatively reasonable amount under the impact of several innovative ideas such as pay-per-click. In this way, online advertising had become a preferable alternative for companies. This might help companies save resources and attain efficiency in disseminating messages by sending them to the right target groups.

Online advertising changed the way how consumers and producers communicate. Internet has become an indispensable part in our lives and e-ads have made product information more accessible to everyone. Internet users depend on the Internet to reach for the world’s information. There was a study conducted a study to find out the differences between various generations when it comes to online activities. The results showed that over half of the adults who are Internet users had visited some of the classified Ads sites like Craigstlist and it reflected an increase in the proportion of users browsing this...

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