A Game Of The God ?

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A Game of the god ? In Greek mythology, Gods is the only race whose can decide a person¡¯s life. Yet the characters still try to fight the prediction. Do you think that the Gods¡¯ prediction can affect the whole life of a person? Maybe the life of each person just is a game of the god.In the story, as the victim of the God¡¯s prediction, Oedipus fate has been regularized. It seems nothing can change or stop the gods¡¯ determination. However, the antagonist don¡¯t want be controlled by fate. So he leave his hometown and decides no matter what happened, he wouldn¡¯t come back to Corinth anymore. Because he don¡¯t want ...view middle of the document...

At the same time, his was trapped in his fate. This riddle is also a metaphor for the life of Oedipus. The sphinx¡¯s riddle was used by Sophocles to characterize Oedipus as a tragic man and as a parallel to his life. Meanwhile, which decide the tragic ending of Oedipus¡¯s life. As Oedipus¡¯s personality, in a sense, he is too arrogance and lack of insight. He lacks the ability to observe the reality. In his point of view, things do not work out as he imagined. That¡¯s why he is trapped again and again. However, there¡¯s no doubt that Oedipus is a great hero. After knowing his fate, his didn¡¯t give up but became inflexible increasingly. Then he accepted the responsibility for save Thebes. Even at the end, he accepted the ending and left Thebes immediately. He didn¡¯t kill himself means he is a man who never give¡¯s up.We can say Oedipus is a real hero, a capable leader with uniquely brave, excellent, and intelligent. But the tragedy reminds us, no matter how excellent a person is, the only way to force life to submit to him has failed. No matter we agree or disagree, maybe is true that life just a game of the god.1.¡°There is a creature two-footed, and also four-footed, and three-footed. Where it goes on more feet, then it goes most slowly.¡± (page XLI) 2. This riddle is also a metaphor for the life of Oedipus. The sphinx¡¯s riddle was used by Sophocles to characterize Oedipus as a tragic man and as a parallel to his life.( a essay of Oedipus the king )

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