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A Gap In Education Essay

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Every high school senior asks themselves a very important question: should I take a year off before I go to college? Gap years are becoming a very popular option for students who want to see what life is on their own before they go off to college. Even though they can be beneficial to some students, they come with more disadvantages than advantages. High school seniors should not take gap years because they distract students, cause students to lose skills learned in high school, and cost lots of money.
One major reason why people should not take gap years is because people may find living in the “real world” more enjoyable than going to school. After a newly graduated young adult ...view middle of the document...

She says that the biggest reason why she decided to go into college right away was so that she didn’t lose her writing skills. She wanted to major in English, and she would have quite the difficulty getting a degree in English if she lost some writing skills (2013). So, people who take a gap year would most likely lose vital information and have difficulty in their transition back into the academic life.
Also, gap years cost lots of money. Gap years are commonly used to travel and have fun before getting back into the academic world. According to the article titled Gap Year Takers: Uptake, Trends, and Long Term Outcomes, 34% of students who decide to take a gap year travel around the world (Crawford and Cribb, 2012). People need to take into consideration that they will be attending college in the near future, so spending lots of money while traveling would not be very wise. College tuition will not decrease any time soon. If a person chooses to take a year off, they should make sure that they have enough money saved so they are not buried in student debt later in life. Even if the gap year is not spent traveling, it can be expensive. Most people choose to live on their own during their year off. Living on your own can also cost lots of money. It would be difficult to acquire a job fresh out of high school that pays all of the bills and allows one to save money for college. In general, gap years cost money, whether they are spent traveling or working.
Others point out that gap years should be taken more often because they allow the individual to find themselves, figure out what they really want to study in college, and what they want to do when they graduate college. However, many people enter college not knowing what exactly they want to study or what they want to do after they graduate. College is a great time for people to explore different things and find out what it is...

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