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A Gcse Biology Case Study On Whether Cannabis Should Be Reclassified To A Class B Drug

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A Biology Case Study on Whether Cannabis Should be reclassified to a Class B Drug

In this case study on cannabis, I am going to be exploring whether Cannabis, which is currently a Class C drug, should be reclassified to become a Class B drug. It is commonly thought that if Cannabis was reclassified, it would dissuade drug dealers and users from taking and selling the drug, as if caught with it a longer sentence and heavier fine would be enforced. I will also be discussing how easy it would be for the government to enforce laws about cannabis and how much, the public would be deterred. Gordon Brown is also determined to reclassify cannabis despite warnings from his advisors, who have told him that reclassification wouldn?t be effective and that cannabis should stay as a Class C drug (1).

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The science behind 2
The many Forms of 2
The Cost of 3
The laws that surround Cannabis at the 3
Why should Cannabis be reclassified? 4
Why should Cannabis stay as a class C drug? 4 4 5

The Science behind Cannabis (2):
Cannabis is a Plant, scientifically called Cannabis Satvia L., which is also called Marijuana or (the Hindi name) ?ganja?, as well as common street names such as pot, weed, and skunk, which is a drug, derived from Cannabis which is about two and a half times stronger than traditional cannabis. Cannabis is a psychoactive drug, which is made from the dried flowers of mature plants, and from the leaves surrounding the pisillate (or ?female?) plants. The resin, that comes from Cannabis is called Hashish, and consists of mostly glandular trichomes collected from the same plant material. The main active chemical in Cannabis L. Satvia is a compound called △,9 ? tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-9-tetrehydrocannabinol) that is usually referred to as THC.

The Human Race has been using cannabis for centuries, but in the 20th century, the number of the population using Cannabis rose dramatically. Scientists today believe that around 4% of adults (in the world) use cannabis every year, and that about 0.6% use cannabis every day.

The many forms of Cannabis (3):
Sometimes it is relatively hard to tell what is in cannabis, what type of cannabis (i.e. Marijuana, or Hash etc) it is, and whether it has anything else in it, because it comes in many different forms. Hash is a soft dark brown lump of resin from the Cannabis plant, which is the most frequently found form of the drug, in the UK. Grass, also known as weed, looks like tightly packed small dried leaves or herbs, as it comes from the dried leaves from the plant. Another form, which is less commonly...

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