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A Generalization Of A Generation Essay

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    When it comes to the topic of school shootings, most of us readily agree that every time you hear about one, it is almost not even shocking anymore. It is definitely tragic and we seem not to understand why it happens, but it is nothing out of the ordinary because it happens so often. What is causing all these frequent shootings? That is the question we must answer to reduce shootings, or even terminate them completely. Although, there are some strong theories and opinions to why these shooting occur; violent video games. In the articles "Frag Him" by Mike Jaccarino and "Shooting in The Dark" by Benedict Carey, these authors express their feelings on how violent video games correlate with these aggression that could eventually lead to horrific tragedies. Each author have similar and different thoughts regarding this serious matter.
In Mike Jaccarino's article "Frag Him", he advocates that video games and aggression are most definitely linked. Violence in video games already heighten one's aggression after playing; but due to the technology we have today, the realism of it all is just making it worse. Jaccarino quotes Dr. Michael Brody, "As the video game action get more realistic and more violent, evidence that is does indeed affect the behavior [aggression] of players is increasing". He even spoke to a military officer who went to Iraq and voluntarily suggest that his stay there was just like a video game and that the military will use video games for training because it is so realistic. Jaccarino pleads that not only the "cinematics" of the games nowadays increases violence and aggression in kids, but also the objective of the game. From Dr. Michael Brody's point of view, "Most successful video games have to do with how many kills you make, and it pushes the general atmosphere of violence in this country." To win games you must kill or do other violent actions which makes people become more aggressive and violent in general. Although, there is more than one way of viewing violent video games.
In the article "Shooting In The Dark", Benedict Carey's perspective differs from Mike Jaccarino's when he writes about the correlation of aggressiveness and video games. Carey is skeptical that the people who participate in violent crimes should be blamed on the video games that they played prior to their actions. He insists the aggression one gets after playing a violent game is a short-term effect, rather than a long-term effect as Jaccarino suggests. "It is not at all clear whether, over longer periods, such a habit [of playing video games] increases the likelihood that a person will commit a violent crime, like murder, rape, or assault, much less a Newton-like massacre", Carey reports. He emphasizes that violent video games rather make people act "more rudely" after playing, not giving people the urge to go out in the street with a mindset thinking, "I want to kill someone now!". It does not just happen that simply. The extreme aggression...

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