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A Genetic Engineering Revolution Essay

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Humans and all other living things are always evolving, becoming better, and more advanced. With this progress, the question arises; are we as humans, conscious of this constant changing, doing all we can to bring ourselves to our ever-expanding maximum potential? Genetic engineering is the method with the most growth potential for humans in the twenty-first century. “Genetic engineering is the field of manipulating the DNA of a cell or of an animal in order to alter the genetic information contained within the organism’s genome.”(Anderson) By improving human genetic material humans will have the ability to: eliminate current or future diseases or genetic abnormalities, make the next ...view middle of the document...

Increasing the range of human ability not only in the physical appearance and strength but also in mental capacity will greatly increase the potential of humans. Dr. Ronald M. Evans, a Howard Hughes Medical Investigator at Salk Institute's Gene Expression Laboratory conducted an experiment that focused on the gene for PPARd, a “master regulator that controls the ability of cells to burn fat” in mice (Salk Institute). The “Marathon mice” contain “altered muscle composition”(Salk Institute) which increases their muscle mass, and allows them to run for up to an hour longer than unaltered mice. These mice also contain “slow twitch (type I) muscle fiber” (Salk Institute) which reduces weight gain even without exercise. This experiment is just an example of the potential for physical enhancements through genetic engineering. Humans would be able to be more efficient throughout their entire workday enabling them to get more done in less time and eliminating the need for caffeine and other stimulating chemicals if genetically enhanced. By becoming physically stronger humans will be much more efficient and be more able to reach new heights of success in all areas.

To look at the statistics for unsolved criminal cases is staggering. More than one-third of all homicides in the United States go unsolved. With an increased knowledge of and ability to map DNA these unsolved crime rates could plummet. Police will be more able to identify suspects by the DNA that they leave behind. With the abilities humans have to identify DNA it would be ludicrous for them not to use genetic engineering and gene mapping to enhance their ability to find ruthless killers and help maintain the peace.

As population density soars here on Earth humans grow closer and closer to space. However, given that humans have been adapting to Earth for thousands of years, it would take hundreds more and it would be extremely arduous for them to attempt adapting to another planet. With genetic engineering, adapting to a newfound planet or a planet with an artificially created atmosphere will be comfortable. The search for habitable worlds will be put in a completely new perspective as...

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