A Genre Study Of Horror Novels And How They Compare To Modern Day Fairytales

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Carrie a Modern Day FairytaleAlthough Stephen King=s novel, Carrie, is considered a horror, it can also been seen as a modern day fairytale, through setting, character development, and plot. Carrie follows that outline of many common fairytales, but can be closely related to the fairy tale, Snow White. With references to such common fairytale topics such as setting, character development, and plot, Carrie is an effective example of a fairy tale set in the twentieth century.Setting is key to any fairytale, or novel, without the correct setting to set the mood of the written works the entire novel could be thrown off track.Like the fairytale, Snow White, Stephen King=s novel, Carrie, takes place in a small, isolated town. >Mrs. White continued to live in their small town suburban Chamberlain bungalow= (King 11). This quote explains the circumstances under which Carrie White was born, and tells the reader that the White family lived in a small town. Like the novel, Snow White, Carrie takes place away from a city where the later happening may have been prevented. It is because of the setting in Stephen King=s novel that the incidents which occur are so believable.Most fairytales take place in a desolate forest or community. >You must run away and hide in the forest= (Disney 196). Snow White took place in a desolate forest away from anything urban, which helped create the fairytale illusion. Carrie too, creates theillusion of the fairytale, by separating itself from the rest of the modern world. Therefore in order to create the successful illusion a fairytale requires, setting must be utilized in a way in which it may separate itself from the modern world, and anything that would break the illusion.Character development is next in order of key things which connect Stephen King=s novel Carrie, to the fairytale, Snow White. A characters ability to develop through out the novel, and adapt to new situations which can give it the opportunity to grow and learn is vital when creating the fairytale illusion. With characters also comes their personalities, and in all fairytales there is a good character and an evil character.In most fairytales it is common for the main character to have a nemeses, which if most commonly and evil stepmother. In the fairytale, Snow White, Snow White=s character=s nemeses can be found in the queen, her stepmother. >The Queen was furious. She summoned her huntsman and said, ATomorrow at dawn, take Snow White deep into the forest. The Kill her, and bring back her heat in this golden box to prove that you have obeyed me.@= (Disney 194).In Snow White the evil stepmother becomes overwhelmed with jealousy and tries to have Snow White killed so that the Queen can be the most beautiful person in the land. Carrie White=s mother can be placed under then category of a fairytale step mother because of the ways she acts towards her Carrie. AI can see you dirty pillows. Everyone will. They=ll be looking at your body. The Bible says ....

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