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Erin Brockovich was born in 22-06-1960 Her home state is Lawrence, Kansas the place where she was born in. Erin was the youngest children in her house. Her father Frank was an instructor and described as her hero as she grew the realized hat her father’s stories about water were real Frank dad used to say that water one day would became a commodity . This statement clicked her mind at all times.A a little girl she dreamed about being a doctor, but society , family , friends didn't believe in her instead they used to crash her ever life dream by telling Erin that she was not smart enough to do make that dream reality, she grew up with this mentality , even in High school she was voted as the girl least likely to succeed . In 1980, Erin moved with a girlfriend to Newport Beach, California, to seek for a job. She was expending the happiest moment of her life at that time beside her brother Tommy . this only lasted two years .since Tommy relocated in 1982. There she was alone and with a future ahead.
Erin met Shawn Brown, a local house painter. In April of 1982, Erin and Shawn got engaged settling in Kansas City, 40 miles from Erin’s hometown. In May 1983, at the age of 22 Erin gave birth to her son, Matthew. and soon after, she gave birth to her second child, Katie. When Shawn was relocated for work, the family moved first to St. Louis, and then to Lodi, California. In 1987, when Erin was 26, she and Shawn divorced. Erin got secretarial job. By the spring of 1988, Erin started dating her boss, a stockbroker named Steve Brockovich and got married in 1989. Erin second divorced came about , but she kept t her last name Brockovich, only because she didn’t have the $675 to change back to her maiden name. she was pregnant with Steve’s child. T and need it financial support . Erin had a major car accident. due to her pregnancy, no X-rays or MRI’s were taken, and no one realised that Erin had herniated her spinal cord. Her pain was not easily ease . Single mother with a baby on the way, was a struggle The only thing that keep her alive was a quote by Calvin Coolidge that her father had told her as a child, about having persistence and pressing on.
In August of 1992, 32-year-old Erin started at Masry & Vititoe answering phones for $300 a week. Erin demonstrated...

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