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A Glimpse Of My Life Essay

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My life at whole has been very interesting. I am from many places, none that are really home. I have done many jobs since graduating high school. I have held many jobs and accomplished many things. What follows is a glimpse of what has been my life.
Originally my family is from the Netherlands. All previous generations of my family were born and raised there. I was born in Africa, Yaounde, Cameroon on October 19, 1981 to be exact. I lived there with my parents till 1983, moved back to Holland for a few months then back to Africa again for a year. In 1985 we moved to Columbus, Indiana. In 1991, we moved to a small town in Illinois called Sherrard. I lived there until I joined the Marine Corps in 2000 directly out of high school.
On June 18th, 2000, I left for Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) San Diego, California. Upon graduation from MCRD, I went to Marine Combat Training aboard Camp Pendleton, California followed on by Amphibious Assault Vehicle Repair Technician school in the Del Mar area of Camp Pendleton, California. I graduated my technical school on February 14, 2001 and was sent to 29 Palms, California as my first duty station with “Delta” company, 3rd AABN. I worked and lived there till I was transferred back to Del Mar area aboard Camp Pendleton with “Echo” Company, 3rd AABN. In February of 2003 I was sent to Kuwait to fight in Operation Iraqi Freedom with 3rd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment for the liberation of Iraq from Saddam Hussein. This is just one of the many jobs I have held in my life.
(Erikson, E. (1959). Identity and the life cycle. New York: International Universities Press.)

The first real job I can say I had was working at Subway as a “Sandwich Artist” back in 1997. This job only lasted for a summer job as I worked too late at night during the week. Following shortly after that job I worked at a car wash with several of my close friends. This job paid well but there was never a set schedule, it all depended on the weather and how steady the business was for the day. From there I graduated high school and joined the Marine Corps. My first job in the Corps was to be an Amphibious Assault Vehicle Repair Technician. I enjoyed this job but spent many hours and days in the field living out of the vehicles I fixed. The next job I held in the Marines is what we call an Embarkation and Logistics Specialist. All I do is make sure a units gear is loaded...

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