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A Glimpse Of The Tape Recorder

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The rise of technology came with a spark that would mark the creation of things that would make our lives simpler. These new ideas, or inventions as they were called, would shape our lives by making the tasks that we struggle with a possibility. Technology has its ups and downs, but overall it truly helps us for the better. Although many people may not agree that the tape recorder is one of the most important, I believe that is has had one of the most impacts on our society.
The rise of the tape recorder made its mark in 1898 when Danish inventor, Valdemar Poulsen, manufactured a device called the “Telegraphon” that recorded phone calls when the person being called was absent (“The Tape Recorder”). And since then it has grown into a much more complex and has grown in the sense of what it is used for. People in society today have made the tape recorder an important part of our society today and have found it to be very useful.
The tape recorder has grown in the fact that it has more uses today. Today, it has been made a use in recording music so that it can be copied and sold as records (“Bunch, Hellemans 276”). This device took a new step in the fact that it helped the music industry create the capability to take music and record it so that they can sell it for a profit. This selling of music for a profit helped create more jobs for people in the industry. It also boosted the profits that the industry made.
The first recording device that used a tape reel was the telegraphon, which was used as a recorder for the telephone that recorded missed calls (“The Tape Recorder”). With this idea of a device that could record the calls we miss, the modern day answering machine was based. The modern day answering machine may not use a tape reel, but without the telegraphon, there would be no necessary start for the answering machine.
The tape recorder was often used in memory research as well. The tape recorder is used often to tape the things that are important to a person so that you would not forget it (“The Tape Recorder”). With this, you would not forget the things that matter to you and are important to a person.
The tape recorder also helps people in the therapeutic field. If a child has a speech impediment, they can record the words that the child has trouble with, and play it back to him/her in hopes of learning the word (“The History of Magnetic Recording”). In this aspect, a child is taught to say the words that he/she has trouble with by playing the recording of the phrase repeatedly till the child learns to repeat the word back without a stutter.
It has also evolved in the fact that it has added a video...

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