A Glitch In The Justice System

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Abolishing lethal injection would be rid an ineffective system. Lethal injection is ineffective because the drugs used in the fatal dose are becoming harder to obtain. The drugs are harder to obtain because in 2010, “Hospira Inc., the sole manufacturer of sodium thiopental, a sedative that is part of the normal three-drug mixture, stopped production” (“Europe’s Moral Stand”). This causes lethal injection to be ineffective because without the drugs, states can’t perform any executions. So until new drugs can be found, executions are halted. In addition, this adds to lethal injection being a drawback because it is becoming a waste. This is because states are giving heaps of money and support to this system yet there are no executions taking place, which defeats the purpose of having lethal injection and for this reason lethal injection needs to be abandoned. Secondly, states have been able to obtain new drugs to go forth with executions, but now there are new concerns that the new drugs are unsafe. A drug that states have begun to use to replace sodium thiopental is pentobarbital, which is a drug “intended to treat epilepsy and euthanize animals” (Lain). The problem with this drug is that “the Danish manufacturer of pentobarbital, Lund beck, has announced that the drug is unsafe for uses in lethal injections and restricted its sales for executions” (Hennessy Fiske). The manufacture of pentobarbital is not the only source arguing that this drug is unsafe. Inmates on death row also are arguing that this drug is unsafe, which has caused executions to be delayed, in addition making lethal injection ineffective. Besides this is a vulnerable point in lethal injection because it shows the lack of care states have for these criminals. States are using a drug that is meant to kill an animal. So by them using it on these felons, they are ultimately saying that these felons are nothing but animals, which confirms that it is time to obliterate lethal injection . Thirdly, the federal government is now becoming involved because there are concerns about how states are obtaining the new drugs. For instance, “the Drug Enforcement Administration seized Georgia’s sodium thiopental . . .after a complaint that the sedative used in the three-drug protocol for execution by lethal injection was imported illegally” (The Broken Machinery of Death). Once the federal government becomes involved in a situation, it means that the situation is no longer working. It also makes lethal injection ineffective because now states cannot carry out any executions because the drugs needed are completely unavailable, since the federal government has them. This indeed shows a flaw in the justice system because states are supposed to be the people's role model, but states cannot be if they are getting in trouble with the federal government themselves. States are supposed to show how to follow the laws not how to break the laws, hence demonstrates the necessity to repeal lethal injection. In...

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