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A World Of Differences Essay

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A World of Differences
In Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, Gulliver learns that without experiencing different cultures, one cannot have a broad perspective of the world, such as when he meets the miniature people of Lilliput, when he becomes dependent among the giants of Brobdingnag, and when he encounters a society of Houyhnhnms that finds his kind repulsive. Gulliver originally takes for granted what the Lilliputians do not have, like his great size and physical ability. Conversely, he also finds that even someone such as him who was of great power in Lilliput can be rendered helpless in a different setting. Also, Gulliver realizes that in other societies he is viewed as a lesser being. To summarize, Gulliver finds that one cannot view the world accurately without having first been immersed in different cultures as exemplified by the tiny citizens of Lilliput.
To begin, when Gulliver arrives at Lilliput, he discovers that his size and strength are not common to everybody. For example, back in England, Gulliver lived with many similar human beings. To him, that was the world. However, after he spends time in Lilliput, he finds that his previous view of the world was inaccurate. Not everyone is as large and capable as him, like the minuscule Lilliputians. This revelation was one of several eye-openers for Gulliver as he grew more knowledgeable about the world. Therefore, because of this encounter with a society much different from his, Gulliver broadens his perspective of the world.
Next, in Brobdingnag, the land of the giants, Gulliver finds that when placed in a different situation, one can be left powerless. For instance, due to his very small size compared to the rest of the inhabitants of Brobdingnag, he must live in subservience. When Gulliver first arrives at Brobdingnag, he encounters a farming family of towering gargantuas. Obviously, Gulliver can not do anything of importance due to his small stature and he must...

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