A Look At The Novel 'waterland' By Graham Swift. Focusing On How The Use Of History Within The Novel Exemplifies The Reflective Style Of Swift.

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A Brief Histoire of HistoryWhen one examines the origins of history he must first note the importance of oral tradition. This is followed by tracing these stories through their documentation and inevitably their teachings in educated circles. The importance of history is sometimes questioned as many believe looking to the past is an apprehensive way of pointing to the future, however it is this same past that allows us to review earlier decisions and prevent similar mistakes in the future. In Graham Swift's Waterland, the main character Tom Crick embraces the science of history to explain the development of civilization and more importantly to explain and analyze his own life. Tom's life starts in a time of oral tradition at the Fens and he moves into teaching at one of England's public schools. His time draws to a close as a teacher, and this marks the end of history with his department being discontinued. The use of history within the novel defines both the reflective style of Graham Swift's writing and the characters that he creates.Oral tradition is the foundation of history whether modern or personal. Graham Swift exemplifies this by discussing the importance of story telling to the history of the Fens. He begins by illustrating the character of Tom's father as a man who enjoys telling stories whether they are true or not. The subject of discussion was unimportant however as he had a story for everything."For my father, as well as being a superstitious man, had a knack for telling stories. Made-up stories, true stories; soothing stories, warning stories; stories with a moral or with no point at all; believable stories and unbelievable stories; stories which were neither one thing nor the other. It was a knack which ran in his family"(p.2)It is this knack for stories that is passed down to Tom and which he tries to emulate with his work. It is also with this description that he begins his story, his epic of his own life that he passes down to his students. It is a student by the name of Price who questions the utility of history, and with his questioning Crick reverts back to his natural mode of expression, storytelling. Price states that, "what matters is the here and now. Not the past. The here and now - and the future."(p.6). He argues that one should not look back to the past as a way of choosing your future, but rather be in the "here and now" where further analysis is not just unnecessary but also imprudent. One should look to the future to give them hope to move on. It is Price's biting final comment however that seems to take Mr. Crick aback as he abandons his normal style of teaching and begins his story. According to Price, "The only important thing about history..... is that it's got to the point where it's probably about to end"(p.7) With that comment, Tom Crick, history teacher, lets history as most people see it die, and begins anew with the only story he knows for certain, the story of his life. To further the significance it...

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