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When we think of our relationship with God today, a God of love and forgiveness, we imagine ourselves as having a personal relationship with him. Today’s God, in the Christian sense, is seen as valuing highly each of his creations and forgiving them for the sins they have committed. The God of the Israelites, however, that we see in the Old Testament does not resemble our concept of what God is today. In the Old Testament, God is portrayed as someone who wants to be feared and is often vengeful. He often wields his power in order to show his might to both the Israelites and their enemies. When pleased, God rewards the Israelites by giving them victory in battle over their enemies and letting them partake in the spoils of war as seen in Joshua. When he feels that the Israelites have broken their promises towards him however, he is prone to exact his vengeance on them as prophesied by Amos in the Book of Amos. The relationship between God and the Israelites in the Old Testament can be seen as one of master and servant, with the Israelites being the servants of God. When the Israelites serve the Lord well, he rewards them but when they fail, he does not hesitate to take out his anger on them.
We can begin our examination of the relationship between the Israelites and God as one of master and servant in Joshua. Much of Joshua consists of various stories concerning the Israelite conquest of the land of Canaan. The Book of Joshua begins with God appointing Joshua to be the successor of Moses after the death of Moses. God promises Joshua the Holy Land that he promised Moses before in his covenant and that, “No one shall be able to stand against you all the days of your life” (New Revised Standard Version, Josh. 1.5). God promises that if Joshua follows him and the laws that Moses received that he will be with him and lead him and the Israelites to prosperity. God swears that as long as Joshua and the Israelites uphold his laws, he would be with them wherever they went. Throughout the book, Joshua ensures that the Israelites follow the Lord’s instructions exactly as he commanded them. Joshua meticulously follows the Lord’s directions as the Lord guides the Israelites through various obstacles such as crossing the Jordan River and besieging the city of Jericho. God in the Old Testament seems to be preoccupied with making sure that his directions are followed as strictly as possible. For example, in Joshua 4.2-3 he commands Joshua to select a man from each tribe of Israel and to tell them to take a stone each from the middle of the Jordan and to carry it over to the other side. In addition, in Joshua 6.3-5, God commands the Israelite warriors to circle the city a certain number of times and on the seventh day for the priests to blow their trumpets in order to make the walls of Jericho come down. God gives very specific instructions perhaps in order to test the Israelites and make them earn his favor through their deeds instead of just receiving his...

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