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A Good Essay On Parkinsons Disease. Written For A Medical Class

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The factual cause of Parkinson's is unknown. Parkinson's Disease is a aprogressive disorder characterized primarily by uncontrollable tremors in the limbs, ashuffling gait, and generalized muscular rigidity. It is usually not fatal, but leads to changesin the entire body. Parkinson's is also know as PD. Recently a defective gene found in fewfamilies with backrounds of PD was found. Though researchers do not believe that geneticconditions are responsible for the disease. They instead think that it could be thecombination of a genetic preference and an unidentified environmental stimulate. WhenPD occurs, degenerative changes are found in an area of the brain, which producesdopamine. ...view middle of the document...

The "body" liesnext to the lateral which goes to the thalamus, and the "tail" which enters the temporallobe. The putamen and globus pallidus lay within the inner and outer apsules, with thelateral sections. There is also the extrapyramidal circuit is the substantial nigra. Thatsystem is detected in the midbrain, ventral to the tegmentum. It is controlled of apigment-rich section called the "zona compacta" and a somewhat cell-poor region calledthe "zona reticulata". Neurons in the zona compacta are accountable for the making ofdopamine, while the zona reticulata primarily creates GABA (gamma amino-butyric acid).Symptoms of PD are many and often occur in Primary and Secondary symptoms.The following symptoms are Primary. Tremors are the most acknowledgeable symptom tothe public. However up to 25% of patients experience slight tremors or none at all. Whena patient does have a tremor it not only affects the limbs, but sometimes affects the head,neck face and jaw. Bradykinesia is a slowness of movement. This symptoms is a delay ininnovating movements. It is caused by the brain's indolence in transmitting necessaryinstructions to the correct parts of the body. Poor balance and walking problems may alsooccur. Many patients may have repeated falls because of the sudden change in the positionof their bodies. Also, while walking there can be difficulty in turning around, and suddenfreezing spells, which give them the inability to walk further. Nevertheless, it is alsoimportant to know that not all patients will experience the full range of symptoms,actually, most do not. Many people may also suffer from what is known as SecondarySymptoms. Some include; depression, dizziness, stooped posture, sleep disturbances,dementia, and problems with speech, breathing, and swallowing functions.There are many drugs known and approved to help treat Parkinson's Disease.Levodopa, was the first dramatic discovery in the treatment of PD. The patient was givenhigh dosages of levodopa, which is a dopamine precursor. It is a substance that istransformed into dopamine by the brain. Selegiline or deprnyl has been shown to delay therequirement for Sinemet when prescribed in the earliest stage of PD. There are alsodopamine agonists, which...

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