“A Good Woman And Her Dependencies”

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Marion seems like a normal lady with kids and a husband, form the outside looking in they look like the typical working class family in today world. But thing are not always like they seem, sometime we have a lot on are plate then there used to be in the past considering how today society is high on workload demand and less on personal time for a working individual.
Marion is not immune to this pressure of life and responsibilities of being a mother, a daughter, a part-time Register Nurse, and a full-time wife. She is the main person of dependency in the family, with being the main person all the time can build up a lot of stress which leads her to her addiction problems. The addiction ...view middle of the document...

She really idolizes her mother because her mother was mostly the present parent raising her. Her father worked a lot (like her husband) was barely around most of the time. So her mother was the one she highly respected cause she was around most the time. Nevertheless, Marion felt she never want to cause waves with people especially her mother.
Example: Mary has a great friendship with her friend Jane; Jane asks for a lot of favors from Mary, but Mary does not want to ask Jane for favors because she does not want to be a bother to Jane.
Dr. Dodes explains to help Marion in therapy struggles with feeling helpless in her life. By stating it feels like you don't have a say in things and don't have a lot choices in decision making and her views doesn’t affect what happens (especially with her husband).
Example: Kate had a great Idea about how to get out of budget troubles that her job was having. However, she feels like her boss won’t take her serious so she keeps her ideas to herself.
I feel that she made some progress in learning how to stop and in small steps how to work around her stress and addiction, and look like she make a recovery but it depends. In my opinion one of the reason I say it depends is her husband, if he and she does not know it now, looking from the outside, this is a sign of abuse form the husband. This is not a physical abuse, however, a verbal abuse which is not solving the problem but make it worse, which lead to...

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