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A Gory Demise: A Fiction Narrative

2864 words - 12 pages

I was flung back into reality when the ice-cold water drenched me completely. Groaning and screaming with anguish, I writhed about on the floor, clutching my body. My eyes were watery from the excruciating pain and my breath came out in sharp, shallow rasps.

Get a hold of yourself Jac.
Shivering, I turned to look at the soulless, malicious eyes of Unknown.
"You feeling better now sweetheart?" he asked teasingly.
I felt like a time bomb-ready to explode without any warning. "I feel just great," I said sarcastically, grinning smugly at his furious expression, though it pained me to do so.
"Get up you little b****!" he ordered, grabbing the collar of my shirt, flinging me against the shower wall.
I let out a groan, struggling to get myself into a sitting position. That was when I realized that my siblings were nowhere to be seen.
"W-Where are they?"
"I'm glad you asked! They're currently in the room with the guards."
"P-Please don't h-hurt them..."
"You seem conscious enough. Let's go,"
I curled into a ball and pressed myself against the corner of the shower as he roughly grabbed my shirt and yanked me out of it.
"Crawl," he ordered.
He reached into his leather jacket and withdrew his rusty scalpel, stroking it with his finger lovingly. "You see this? If you don't do as I say, you can kiss your little friends goodbye."
"Yes what?" he barked.
"Y-Yes…s-sir" I stuttered, as the floodgates opened and tears streamed down my already damp face.
"Now, crawl," he said smugly.
"Y-Yes sir," I mumbled as I got on all fours, crawling towards him.
"That's a good girl, let me put this beautiful collar and leash on you."
He could not be serious. He couldn't possibly be dehumanizing me. But I bit my lip before I could make a smartass remark. He smirked, putting a leather collar and leash on my neck as we walked out of the bathroom into the connecting room.
This was the first time that I’d actually gotten a good look of the room we were in. It had four gray walls and a gray floor covered with dust. There was not a single piece of furniture or any windows in the barren room.
We would never know the time of day.
My gaze then landed on them. They too donned collars and leashes but their body was covered in purple-blue bruises. My brothers were hit so bad that the back of their heads were smeared with blood. They just looked at me expressionlessly.
I hate myself for getting us into this mess.
Glastian had tears streaming down his dirt encrusted cheeks but one of Unknown’s lackey took out a leather whip and lashed out at him mercilessly, making the skin on his little back split wide open-his flesh was near torn from his bones. Each strike send his ridged frame flinging forward as he braced himself for the next blow all while begging, sobbing and attempting to curl into a ball to protect his head from being split open.
"Don't cry!" he ordered, kicking him in the stomach.
My face went slack as my mouth hung open.
What kind of sick,...

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