A Grammar Lesson On Pronouns Essay

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Pronoun may be defined as the word used in place of any noun.
Example; he, she, they, I, we, you and it
Peter is handsome and He is wise. In the second example instead of Peter the word He is used hence “He” is the pronoun. Pronouns are used very often to refer to something.
Pronouns are divided into six Categories/Groups. These Categories/Groups are also known as cases.
1: Personal Pronouns: I, me, it, you, He, him, she, her, they and them,
2: Relative Pronouns: which, that, who, whom and whose,
3: Demonstrative Pronoun: this, these, that and those.
4: Possessive Pronouns: yours, mine, his, hers, ours and theirs.
5: Reflexive Pronouns: myself, himself, herself, itself, yourself, ourselves and themselves.
6: Reciprocal Pronoun: each other and one another.
A detail of Each Case is given below:
There are six kinds of pronouns as mentioned and they are described as under.
1) Personal Pronouns
Personal pronouns may be defined as those pronouns which describe any particular person or thing. They are also known as single or multiple and as Nominative (Subjective) and Accusative (Objective). These are elaborated below in the Chart.
Number Person Nominative (Subjective case) Accusative (Objective case)

Singular 1st Person I Me
2nd Person You You
3rd Person He, She, It Him, Her, It

Plural 1st Person We Us
2nd Person You You
3rd Person They Them

It is to be Remembered that pronoun “you” is used in both cases of singular and plural. If we to say “You are a good cricketer” it will refer to a single person, if we want to make a plural sentence with same words, we will say, “You are good cricketers” it will refer to plural (more than one.
2) Possessive Pronouns
This may be defined as those pronouns which show possession are known as “Possessive Pronouns”. i.e., my, mine, yours, his, her, our, their, and its
This house is mine. Or, this is my house.
3) Reflexive Pronoun
This may be defined as the pronouns in which we refer back to the subject as known as “Reflexive Pronouns”. These types of pronouns always end on "-self" in the case of singular and "-selves" in plural.
Examples: myself,...

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