"A Solid Home" By Elena Garro: The Two Most Important Tools That Garro Employs To Create The World Of 'a Solid Home'

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In "A Solid Home", Garro creates a distinct world to house the story of his play. The play revolves around a deceased family buried together in a tomb and their contemplation of life and death and the purpose of their existence. This story would only work when presented in a specific atmosphere/ theatrical world. In order to generate this rich environment Garro uses vivid imagery and a distinct setting.This nine page, one-act play explores the afterlife as a group of eight deceased family members ponders their status and the purpose of their existence. Together in their common plot, these characters speak to one another about life beyond the grave. They describe their existence in a way that is sometimes shocking, other times funny, but is always vivid. More than anything else it is this imagery that creates that world and coveys the meaning of the play.The beautiful imagery is used foremost as they discus the memories of their earthly lives. The character allow the audience to become a part of their vibrant past, however, because most of this dialogue is in past tense, it is important to the atmosphere of the play because it creates the sense that they're removed from their life. There is push-pull formed by the stories told: the characters and their lives become more real and tangible to the audience, but at the same time there is a distinct separation in imagery which allows us to realize that this life was in the past. A good example of this comes from Vincent Mejia. He reveals Mama Jessie' love of dancing through an anecdote saying "[t]he only thing you like was to dance polkas! (He hums a tune and dance a few steps) Do you remember how we danced at that carnival?" (Garro, 3). However, he doesn't stop there, he allows the audience, and himself, to relive the moment; he continues with "[y]our pink dress spun around and around, and your neck was very close to my lips"(Garro3). Nonetheless, Garro doesn't ever allow us to "live" for very long, in fact in the very next line we are pulled back to reality when Mama Jessie replies "[f]or heaven's sake, cousin Vincent! Don't remind me of those foolish things" (Garro, 3)More importantly imagery also creates the tone for the play. Much of the play is dark and somewhat sad, however Garro's purpose for writing this work is not conveyed in those moments. The heart of her work lies near the end of the...

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