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A Great Influence Essay

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The European Renaissance was a time of great change. The people of that time were beginning to take an interest in learning and also began to follow the idea of humanism. Humanism was a way of life where a person would reject most religious beliefs and focus on the here and now. One of the main things Humanist believed in was individual achievement. This gave many artists the opportunity to be known around Europe for his or her talent and not be criticized for being selfish. This is exactly what Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi, or more commonly known as Donatello did. This gifted Italian sculptor was born in Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, around the year 1386. Donatello grew up already set up on the path to be a great craftsman. His father was a member of the Florentine Wool Combers Guild, this influenced Donatello’s choice of career. Donatello’s name started to become known after he created an Annunciation carved in stone for the church of S. Croce in his hometown, Florence. After this, Donatello was hired to create art for many well-known patrons such as the Medici family. He also collaborated with other talented sculptors and artist of his time, like Ghiberti. Donatello was a huge influence to Renaissance art because of the realism of his work, the effect his art had on other sculptors, and his revival of classical art.
During the European Renaissance people were truly fascinated with making things look as realistic as possible, this is called realism. Pearson Education states, “Donatello is considered one of the founders of modern sculpture because he created realistic human expressions and stressed action and character”. Donatello was one of the first artists of his time to experiment with realism. Realism was used to get an emotional reaction from the people viewing his art. Donatello’s goal as a sculptor was to make the viewers of his art remember it. Donatello’s work was and is remembered so well that it is used today to help piece together what the ideas and beliefs that people had during the Renaissance.
Donatello worked with human expression to make his art look alive. Many of his pieces were extremely dramatic and exaggerated, but also impeccably detailed. Donatello also experimented with perspective, in some of the few paintings Donatello made, he managed to give his work a three-dimensional look, on only a two-dimensional surface, or in other words he made the work realistic. Donatello was an extremely patient man because he worked with wood, stone and different metals, while still managing to get his artwork to look humanistic. Donatello spent a great deal of time on his art a felt that it should be appreciated. Donatello believed that if someone wasn't willing to pay what he demanded, then they should do it themselves. Donatello was so well-respected that he rarely ran into that problem. Realism was technique not used by many artists during Donatello's time, as a result people bought his art all over Europe...

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