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"A Good Manager Will Always Be A Good Leader" Leadership & Management, Differences Between.

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A Good Manager Will Always be a Good LeaderIn this essay I will demonstrate how a good manager can often be a good leader, but why I also believe that explicit differences in characteristics; attitudes and methods prove them to be unique. I will do this by firstly, defining what I feel a good manager is, and what I feel a good leader is. In doing this, I will compare and contrast the two concepts in order to finally draw conclusive similarities and distinctions between the two.American philosopher James Burnham (1941) christened the post-"industrial revolution" epoch in the title of his book; "The Managerial Revolution"1. In contrast to the bygone period in which the primary economic progress lay in technological progress, Burnham emphasised that the "contemporary era" depended heavily on human resources- on the leadership skills of men and women to "impel economic development" with their direction and co-ordinating of others' individual efforts in the business of living. There has been an evident 're-invention', as such, of the term management. It has thus become increasingly difficult to successfully define it. Whereas traditionally, French industrialist Henri Fayol's (1916) humble description of one who "plans, organises, co-ordinates and controls" has dominated our perceptions, today we take a more precise and realistic approach to the meaning of this title.Leadership too lacks a definite, universally accepted meaning, except of course in the literal sense of the adjective leading; "to show the way by going with ... to serve as the means of reaching a place" (Hanks, 1986). Clegg et al. (2008) describes it as a term that is "one of the most over-theorised, over-researched, and empirically messy areas of management and organisation". The issue with leadership is not that the meaning has evolved (like management), but that the term is "tossed around promiscuously", and is used to describe a vast array of characteristics, that might only vaguely represent the true fundamental aspects of leadership. An age-long controversy arises here when we ask is leadership a science or an art? Can it be learned, or must one be born with it? Clegg describes the "trait theorists" as those who believe leadership to be a "question of unique traits that people are born with". The "behaviourist school" on the other hand, defines it as a "specific way of behaving that makes you either an effective or ineffective leader." As Drucker said, "mathematicians are born, but anyone can learn trigonometry". In essence, leadership can mean whatever you want it to mean, as there is such a broad spectrum of thought and varied opinion surrounding it.In my opinion leadership "is the power of one individual to guide the actions of another. Leaders are individuals who guide others toward the accomplishment of goals in such a way that followers want to follow" (Dailey). It is an attribute commonly found in those whose positions, titles or status are regarded as being 'above' others....

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