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For many years I was lost in a sea of hate, love, lust, apathy, indifference, feelings, and non acceptance. I was being swept away by a constant wave of failure. I did not know what to do with everything around me; I was submissive to the things going on around me. If people wore a type of clothes well so did I, If my peers seemed inclined to that movie so was I. In my much younger years I would endeavor to fit in, I wanted approval from everyone around me. The only thing different about me and my classmates was my deep love for music and reading. Through my love for those two things I began to learn and realize all the possibilities I had. I learned that there's is no way of of escaping ...view middle of the document...

" It really helped me realize how insignificant I am and all of us are but yet at the same time there is a meaning and a method to the madness. We are here because it is a gift and an amazing experience and at the end of that experience we are delivered back to god. We are here out of love and our purpose is experiencing something beyond our souls and give love back to god. During the time I realized this I began to make my own choices on who I wanted to be and what I wanted to believe. I decided that god to me is a an energy source that can be what it wants. It can be love, hate, God could even be one of us if he wants; he can be anything and be in anything.

As I was learning all this I decided to become a better me. One of the biggest mottos in my life is to always be humble no matter what. I always listen but don't speak unless I have something useful to say. I like to be friendly with everybody I like to listen to what they have to say because you can always learn something new. I try not to compare my life with others life's and I believe that everything happens...

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