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The Hydrologic Cycle; life of water, is essential to Earth. The cycle begins with Evaporation to Condensation and ending with Precipitation. The process describes the storage and movement of water between the world’s biosphere and atmosphere. Water are harnessed in different ways once the hydrologic cycle has been initialized by means of runoffs, infiltrations, sublimations, transpirations, and Groundwater Rivers. These kind of ways of transportation is like a car/truck to humans but these ways of transport has consequences involving human being actions. The government responded to the demand of environmental safety by creating EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency. This Agency was created to prevent further damage to the environment by means of industrial ways. They organized regulations on the industrial life because the industry’s caused much pollution in past life due to lack of restrictions; the life of the old Potomac River years are example of the environmental issue. The Environmental Protection Agency consist of Environmental Engineers. These environmental specialist handles the environment dangers of the world and tries to find solutions for the environment warfare, which is a very important factor of the way of life for all human beings. In life Environmental Engineers (E.Es) have a financial difference compared to other engineering fields but plays an important role in the American Society, which allows opportunities to develop and cause an outstanding educational background.

The increase in opportunities given involves the works of jobs being highly offered and technology growth in the economy. The employment rate for the (E.Es) in the American Society in the census of 2012 was 15%, which is faster than the average turnout for the job hiring rate.
The facilities that contains environmental engineers varies in companies with their employment rate also:
• Architectural, engineering, and related services 28%
• Management, scientific, and technical consulting services 21[%]
• State government, excluding education and hospitals 13[%]
• Federal government, excluding postal service 7[%]
• Local government, excluding education and hospitals 6[%] (http://www.bls.gov/ooh/architecture-and-engineering/environmental-engineers.htm)
The help of Environmental Engineers have a huge impact on the evolution of technology. The impact results to where the modern technology meets the standards for the environmental safety. The technology called BNA, which allowed the process of the Chesapeake Bay to be cleaned because it was being overtaken by Dead Zones. These zones are baring and empty sections in the water life because it has no living components in this area. Dead zones are low-oxygen areas in coastal life consisting of oceans and large lakes, caused by excessive nutrient pollution from human activities or animal muntrie. Larry Simns states the status of the crab harvesting in the Chesapeake Bay: “…..2 million baskets in a year but not...

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