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A Greener Tomorrow Essay

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Patagonia & Tesla Motors Paving the Way for a Green Tomorrow

This paper will discuss two leaders in their perspective industries that are embracing the future of a “green” economy. The two companies discussed are Patagonia Inc. and Tesla Motors. The paper will describe what each company specializes in and how they remain competitive with their non-green competitors. In addition the difference between how Patagonia and Tesla create their product and deliver it to market differs from non-green competitors will be discussed. Patagonia and Tesla Motors is a shining model for other companies to follow for a greener tomorrow.
Patagonia Inc.

Patagonia Inc. specializes in high-end apparel for the outdoor enthusiast. Since the mid 80’s Patagonia has been taking an environmental friendly approach not only in their product but also in every element of their business. Every decision the company makes must involve environmental consideration.
Patagonia uses recycled material in most of their products. In recent years they have begun to use recycled polyester and fleece. In 1996 Patagonia sought out to find a cleaner way to make their cotton products more environmentally friendly. They had noticed the negative impact the harvesting and processing of cotton was having not only to the environment but the potential health risks of the field workers handling it. Dangerous pesticides have been used on cotton since World War II that is designed to prevent unwanted weeds from growing as well as pest control. Concerned about the harmful effects of pesticides Patagonia decided to try to use organic cotton on their products. To achieve this they had to negotiate with organic farms and cotton gins to be able to produce enough cotton for their entire product line while still remaining economically competitive with their competitors.
Patagonia is certainly pricier than many of their competitors. However to offset this they have taken an innovative and risky approach to remain competitive in the overcrowded outdoors apparel market. While most outdoor apparel companies use drab earthly tones in most of their clothing Patagonia decided to take a marketing approach towards more trendy colors and designs that would not only standout outdoors but in the urban environment as well. This approach has proved successful for the company keeping them at the top of the high-end outdoor market. Marketing themselves as an environmentally conscious company has helped boost sales to consumers who are seeking to live a “green” lifestyle.
Patagonia not only sells environmentally friendly products their operations and workforce is environmentally friendly as well. All the Patagonia facilities feature “green” technology. They use skylights that adjust according to the suns position and feature recycled building material in all their new construction. The recycled building material not only reduces landfill waste it is significantly cheaper to its non-recycled...

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