A Grey Door And A Story Based On The Legend Of Zelda

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Your choice was almost instant. The grey door is the choice. Getting to be on the side of the villains is always way more fun, and that's something new in a Legend of Zelda style game. Besides, there's a group of people on the other side of the grey door, and all of them will be close to you; there's a good chance of surviving, right? You walk over to the door and swing it open, walking in with confidence. As soon as you walking in the door, you shield your eyes with your arms, due to a blinding light shining from seemingly nowhere. After a minute or two, you peek out of your arms, and see the light is gone. You put your arms down, and find that you're lying down on a bed, or somewhere soft. ...view middle of the document...

There was a mirror in the corner, so you warily got up and made your way over to it. You take a deep breath, and look into the mirror. You let out a relieved sigh when you see nothing was crazy different, but at the same time, not everything was the same. You felt that your appearance was a bit more... dark and ominous; or at least the vibe you were giving off was. You weren't really sure what to do, seeing as though everyone, minus the kid you had previously talked to, was asleep. You decided to look around, so you silently made your way to the door. Before you were able to walk out, the boy with the purple hair and black pajamas stopped you. “Where are you off to? You should know there's nothing you can really do until Gannondorf wakes up.” He asks you, tapping his foot. Not wanting to tell him that you're wanting to snoop around, you come up with the first excuse you can. “I've got to use the bathroom. Yeesh...” You mutter. “Oh...” he says somewhat sheepishly, “Alright, sorry...” He somewhat trudges back to his bed, and you quickly set on your way to look around. As you walk around, a thought occurs to you. 'Why do we have to wait for Gannondorf? All of them have plenty of power themselves, so why wait for one single person?' You think, somewhat confused. As you look around the place, you hear a faint sound, like metal clanking. You scurry into the first room you can, which happened to be the bathroom. You...

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