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SummaryIntroduction................................................................................................21Team Management System31.1Meetings31.2Formal meetings31.3Informal meetings31.4Outputs41.5Charting results41.6Team communication42Motivational mechanics52.1 "Hierarchy of Need " theory52.2"The Hygiene Factor" theory62.3Compensation83Recruitment strategies9Conclusion................................................................................................114Bibliography12IntroductionYou have recently been appointed as the Design Manager for a company, with the mandate to establish a new design office for a team of people comprising of both electronic design engineers and embedded and PC software programmers. You are interested in establish a high performance team and ensuring a high retention rate for these key staff.1Team Management SystemIn this first part, I describe the Team Management Systems that can be used to develop a productive team.It is important therefore to create an atmosphere where members of yours team see that they can win both individually and collectively. Ask them what the team does well and what it does badly. Then invite them to develop plans to improve in all the areas mentioned.Initially it may not be easy. There may be all sorts of external problems over which the team feels it has little control. The important thing is to identify these problems and then start to develop ways and means by which they can be solved. There should be a team effort, with all members contributing rather than everything being left to you as an individual. The manager's job is to conduct the orchestra, not try to play all the instruments.When you see positive results, let people know. Indeed, share both the failures and successes. Once the team can see what is happening they can begin to make changes to improve their performance. Above all, your job as the manager is to give your team permission to win. Let them know it is important to you. Let them know that they can succeed, and involve them wherever possible in the process of leading a winning team.1.1MeetingsAl1 managers have meetings with their team. These can be formal meetings or informal meetings1.2 Formal meetingsMeetings can be classified in terms of the Team Management Wheel into Exploring meetings or Organising meetings. Exploring meetings are held to share information and look at 'where are we going? Often decisions are not forthcoming but everyone's views and ideas are exchanged.Organising meetings are the ones where definite decisions are made and actions assigned. Objectives are set and everyone has a clear idea of what is expected of them.What are your meetings like? Do you have too many Organising meetings and not enough Exploring meetings? Or is it the other way round? Review your meetings over the last twelve months and see what sort of a balance you have.1.3Informal meetingsWe have heard a lot about MBWA (management by walking around) and also the...

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