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A Growing Experience Essay

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A Growing Experience I was sitting with my dad in the grandstands at my last home track meet. It was a cloudy Thursday afternoon and I was all warmed up for the 800-meter race. Before all my races I sit with my dad and talk about my strategies, "now Scott, what is your goal for today," as he would always ask me with a smile on his face. My dad goes to all my meets and I can say he is my number one fan and a huge role model to me. It gives me a feeling of love and confidence to have him there. He is not just a fan, but also one of my coaches. He ran track through college, so he is experienced and loves the sport. I have never run the 800-meter race in my track experience; so for my last meet I decided to give it a go. There were 28 guys lined up ready to race, some wearing gloves and some with stocking caps. It was so cold you could see your own breath, but all determined to finish in the top three. The race was quick, and I was not sure what I was getting myself into. Yet, I finished with a time of two minutes and seven seconds. I was shocked that not only did I finish with such an awesome time, but I also got first place. This race was just the beginning of many more to come.The next week I was called into my coach's office and was told that I qualified for the league championships. I was so surprised but also at the same time was scared and nervous. I trained for the next week and Thursday I went to the track meet with my coach. There were the best runners, throwers, and jumpers from the league here in one stadium. Some were very anxious and some totally frightened. I was amazed at the size of the crowd and I was totally nervous but at the same time pumped up. I was ranked last out of the sixteen runners in my race and was quite disappointed. I sat down with my father and he told me how proud he was for me to be here and giving it all I had. I warmed up and did all my usual rituals and felt pretty calm for the race. The race was full of pushing and eagerness to win. I only remember the start and then hugging my coach at the finish line. I got fourth place and was the happiest man on the track that day. As I arrived at the finals the next day, I found out that the top six out of eight went to districts. This was good news and meant I only had to beat two runners. I got to the finals early to get motivated and to have some quiet time to myself. I ran a personal best of two minutes and two seconds. I was on my way to districts.Who would have ever thought that I would end up at districts and extend my season one more week? I was astonished to be running against the elite sixteen in only a few days. The weekend came and my parents were at our cabin and away for a few days. I was quite disappointed that my dad was going to miss my race. It brought my father and I together and was a bonding experience for both of us, but I was so ready for the race that it was okay. Districts were enormous. I warmed up with a few guys I met at league and we all...

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