A Lucky Guess Essay

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It was a dark and stormy night. Mr. Joe Smith was quietly counting his money when suddenly a dark shadow appeared outside his window.
“Oh, it’s the pizza delivery man!” he exclaimed excitedly. Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t. A figure burst through his window, shattering the glass and letting in the rain. Lightning flashed, and Joe saw the intruder’s face.
“Oh that’s -“all Joe could say before he was hit with a poison dart arrow, and then died.
Chapter 1
“Mrs. Smith, I need you to tell me all that you can about your late husband.”
“I just don’t understand,” Mrs. Lavinia Smith paused to wipe the cascade of tears that were flowing, “why anyone would want to kill my Joe.”
“I’ll do everything in my power to help you Mrs. Smith. But first, I’ll need you to tell me everything that happened that day.”
Blinking back the tears, “Okay I’ll try, but only if you call me Lavinia.”
“Okay, Lavinia, please tell me everything you can about that day.”
“Well,” Lavinia started to sniffle, “Joe began that day the way he normally did. He woke up at exactly 6:25 the same way he has for the past thirty years I’ve known him. Within twenty minutes, at 6:45 he was out of the shower. At exactly seven o’clock, he was down at the breakfast table, eating.”
“Eating what exactly?” Chantelle interrupted.
“Oh, his usual: a small bowl of oatmeal, accompanied by sliced grapefruit sprinkled with powdered sugar. After his breakfast, he left the house at 7:15 after giving me a swift kiss goodbye.” Lavinia halted, “And I never saw him again,” she said as a cascade of tears tumbled down her face.
“I’m so sorry, Lavinia. If there is anything I can do to help. Believe me I will.”
Lavinia brown eyes locked with Chantelle’s blue eyes. “Find out who killed my husband, and bring him to justice.”
Returning the stare, Chantelle replied, “Don’t you worry, I’ll get my best detective on the case.”
“Thank you,” Lavinia said while gathering her bags.
“You’re very welcome,” Chantelle got up and showed Lavinia the door.
She returned to her desk, picked up her phone, and dialed 1. The phone speed dialed Dr. Fredrick Schpinkleberger, the local detective.
“Hello,” Schpinkleberger picked up right after the first ring.
“Dr. Schpink it’s me, Chantelle. I’m -”
“If you’re calling about the murder Chantelle, don’t worry I’m already on the case.”
“How did you know? It only occurred last night, and we’ve kept it under wraps. The local newspaper hasn’t even picked up the story, yet.”
“I know everyone and everything that goes on in this town.”
“So does that mean that you know who did it?” Chantelle inquired.
“I’m ninety-nine percent positive”
“What do I need to do to make that one hundred percent?”
“Get me an interview with Fluffles, Mel-Mel, and Dr. Pippinpaddleoppleloppleopagis,” Dr. Schpink replied before hanging up the phone.
Chapter 2
Dr. Schpink walked into the police station, ready to investigate his three suspects. He was accompanied by his assistant, Clarence...

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