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A Healthy Budget: Universal Healthcare Essay

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The year is 1791 and the newly formed United States of America is five years old and President George Washington and Alexander Hamilton have just created the first national bank to house the central funds. This gave the country a dependable place to handle the revenue for the country as a whole. Now that the country has a bank in which to put the money in, they must now decide how to split and distribute the money. The actual conception of an effective budget did not manifest until multiple catastrophes which included the bank wars in 1833 by Andrew Jackson and also the 1974 Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act which deals with Richard Nixon. The nation’s law makers were now ready to take action and created standing committees inside of congress which would aid in the manifestation and protection of the budget. Now with the nation’s finances under control, the lawmakers were now charged with a more daunting task, how much money goes where? The modern day application of this conflict is abundant in the legislation on health care. This issue has arisen from multiple bills and legislation in which call for a universal system in which the United States will use a replica system of that in Canada.
The national budget is 3.9 trillion which include a mandatory spending, interest on federal debt, and discretionary spending sections. The mandatory spending sections are the bills that are taken out without approval from the president, congress, or courts they are mandatory. The interest on the federal debt is what it says; these are the payments on the national debt interest. The discretionary spending is the section that everyone hears about which includes the defense, educational, and healthcare budgets. “Three health insurance programs — Medicare, Medicaid, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) — together accounted for 22 percent of the budget in 2013”(Smith) The actual dollar sign amount for health care in all was an astounding $772 billion dollars in 2013. The Canadian budget for their universal healthcare was 28.6 billion dollars. This is due to the fact that America has three different health care problems going at one time while Canada is only utilizing one. The use of a universal health care would bring millions in and raise the life expectancy of the average American citizen. This is an efficient fix to a common problem that has crippled the American taxpayers for too long. “Our government is committed to a strong, publicly funded, universally accessible health care system for Canadians,"(Canadians), the universal healthcare is for the people and the numbers financially supports this claim.
These claims of changing health care systems stem from one major factor and the whole reason why health care is even in the budget to begin with, the life expectancy of the citizens of the different countries. Life expectancy is used to determine how long the average citizen will live based upon numerous factors, including but not...

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