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"Please, leave him alone," I look at the strangled guard with a despair I'd hidden for my life. It wasn't adequate for a princess to have a constant scowl on her face. "He didn't know, and I'd rather he was not punished for his actions." I grab his arm and pull him towards me, looking straight into his eyes and staring a the splotches of blood on his face.
"My lady, it is not my duty to follow all of your orders - it is my duty to keep the royals safe. I believe the daughter of the Queen falls under the category of royal. He must be punished." the guard who was constraining the offender replied with a bitter crispness in his throat.
"I don't care if you don't follow all of my orders - you will follow this one." I had put all of my strength into replying to the guard and trying to show my authority over these guards. I was aware it wouldn't have made a difference whether I continued arguing or stopped - they obeyed the nobles. It was a tricky system. My father was the first to be loop-holed - My mother, being the Queen by blood could not be tortured like my father - he was her bribe.
Six years before Fai and I's birth, my mother met a man in a bakery - a mere peasant. She had fallen in love with his bakery and had a strong attraction to my father. She secretly kept her visits to the bakery frequent, until eventually she used her power to marry him into the throne. He was not King by blood, but he was King enough for her.
The guard had shifted his position and let go off the terrified man - leaving him gasping for breath of the sandy corner of the street. I stand as tall as my energy will allow while still trying to keep some form of consciousness.
"My lady - Well, I suppose if it is what you want." The guard nods and steps away from the man - after he and a few members of the public walk away, I kneel down beside the other guard and lift off his helmet, revealing a red and sore complexion.
"I- I apologise my lady, I had no idea. I am new, and I - I mean Mary Rain screamed - I had to do it to fulfil my role." I blink a few times, however with the state he is in I decide to drop the conversation and assume he was mistaken. I stretch out my hand for him to grab and he looks up with an expression of fear and anxiety.
"Don't worry - I'm not like them." I smile and gesture for him to grab my hand - and when he complies he stands ever so small to make up for his mistake. "Go home and stop worrying - and if anything happens to you - tell them to speak to me." He nods and turns around, shaking with fear he walks away from me.
I bite my lip as I watch him turn a corner, and begin to pray for his safety. I don't fully trust the guard that bet him to near death - he'll tell. There was no honour in the job. I pushed back to lean against the sandstone wall of the nearest building. I hadn't been able to breathe and think of everything that had happened today. I remembered that Tarley and Jennifer were expecting me and let out a puff of air.
"My mummy is...

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