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A Hedonist's Outlook Of A Good, Moral, Ethical Society.

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A "good society" of "ethical or moral" humans, in my eyes, mostly involves the big picture. People are too caught up in belief systems, selfishness, and greed, that they make no attempt to simply be content and enjoy life. Everything is made into a struggle, such as people in the Middle East fighting over a patch of land that, in the cosmic sense, doesn't really matter. I have a vivid picture of the Palestinians finally driving away all the "infidels", and then standing in Jerusalem wondering, "Now what?"Of all philosophical ideas, I'm a big fan of hedonism (or an offshoot thereof, if you wish to be technical). People look for the meaning of life in scriptures, in mathematics, and in star formations billions of light years away. The problem with this is that, true as some of these principles may be, it has no true bearing on the person standing here reading what I write. It has no bearing on me. It doesn't pick us out by name and give us a job, or meaning, or a goal to work towards. We have to pull things out of their proper context and make it relate to our lives, and therein lay the problem. A scribble on a parchment 2,000 years ago should not drastically affect the judgement of someone today. To properly define the terms used, I must first clearly state the meaning of "good society.""Good society," to me, would be a place where everyone is satisfied. To further elaborate; everyone would have different views on events and such things, but they would live in harmony, and not be contradictory. If indeed there are contradictions, it wouldn't be enough to drive people to discontentment. Human nature and entropy suggests that this would never happen, realistically, but I think it's possible. A great man once said, "I think it's better to have ideas. You can change ideas, but changing a belief... people die for it, people kill for it." I think it was Chris Rock, but I digress. I do not say I believe it is possible, because that would indicate a different level of fanaticism. I truly think that people are capable of living and working with one another. Though all systems eventually come undone, it doesn't mean an effort...

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