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A Helping Hand Essay

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It was the start of a new beginning. The sound of my alarm woke me from a deep coma. I hit the off button with my head still resting on my pillow and my covers still wrapped around me. I felt like a zombie. No matter how much sleep I got I always felt as if I needed more. I got out of bed and stepped on the hardwood floors of my newly furnished apartment. Opening the blinds I stepped outside onto my balcony, located on the twentieth floor, as I watched life. Pedestrians walking with such purpose, some appeared to be in a rush, traffic which was idle due to the over crowded streets. A homless guy in a ripped red shirt with brown jeans, due to the accumulated amount of dirt, caught my ...view middle of the document...

I will call you on my break. Love you."

That was the daily routine. My mother would call me every single morning. Sometimes twice. Given the fact that I was her only child, I understood why she worried so much. I looked in the mirror at my wardrobe before exiting. I wanted to look as professional as possible for the first day of work. I wore a pair of black high-waist slacks, with a black shirt,which was tucked in and I topped it off with a red blazer. I put on a pair of red and gold flats, one of the few pair of shoes that were actually unpacked. I grabbed my bag and my coffee as I headed out the door.

I made my way through the crowd of people as I attempted to flag down a taxi. A guy in a black suit talking on his cell phone nearly knocked my cup of coffee out my hands, without even saying excuse me!! I guess the fast life was just something I would have to get used to. I approached the homeless guy in the red shirt who caught my attention earlier. He was now nibbling on a corn dog, which clearly he had dug out of the same trash can as the cans. Before flagging down a taxi, finally, I offered the man twenty dollars and gave hima pat on the shoulder. He smiled in delight as his eyes lit up. I exchanged a friendly smile as I entered the back of the yellow cab.

The cab stopped in front of the buidling labeled "Juvenile Youth Center." I stepped out of the cab walking toward the front doors as my heart began to race. Upon entering, I looked around at the young men who appeared to be no older than seventeen and no younger than fifteen. They were all here because they couldnt...

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