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A Hero; John Wooden Essay

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John Wooden is a hero to many people around the world; he taught people the important things in life such as putting God first, and through God put others before oneself. He was a remarkable person to know or talk to; he taught his players things that both helped them on and off the court. Wooden’s coaching career changed the game of basketball by turning it into a team sport and proved to the nation that players don’t need to be flashy to be great players. His legacy will never end; he has inspired so many others by his words and his many great accomplishments.
John was born on his parent’s farm on October 14, 1910 in Centerton, Indiana. This farm soon went bankrupt so they moved to Martinsville, Indiana. He was the star player on his new High School Basketball team when he met Nellie Riley. He enrolled at Purdue University as English major. At Purdue John was an All-American his last three years (“John”). After John graduated in 1932 he passed up an offer to play for the Celtics to begin teaching and to marry Nellie Riley (Litsky). He coached high school basketball for eleven years until 1948 when he was offered to coach the UCLA Bruins; he accepted the offer (“John”). His final record was 620-147 in twenty-seven years at U.C.L.A. ending his coaching career winning the national championship against Kentucky 92-85, and a 40-year head coaching record of 885-203 (Litsky). Ten years later on June 4, 2010 John Wooden died a peaceful death at the age of 99 (“John”).
John Wooden was and is an inspiration to everyone that heard him talk. John was raised on a farm with no electricity or running water but it was Christian household, and every night his father read him and his brothers something from the bible (“John”). His father was the foundation of John and he made him into the man he was, he gave John a card that he called the “seven point creed” it stated: 1. Be true to yourself, 2. Help others, 3. Make each day your masterpiece, 4. Drink deeply from good books, especially the Bible, 5. Make friendship a fine art. 6....

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