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I picked up the bulky rock with my filthy hand and sent it soaring through the murky luster. Bang! Window pieces shattered entirely all over the place. Right then, I knew I was in serious trouble. In "A Hero's Story,'' a young man is forced to face a difficult problem in his life. As the man was at war, he made a promise to an unknown soldier that he would go to Texas for him and tell his wife that he was still thinking of her and the girls when he died. Just like the character in "A Hero's Story," I had to face a problem I was afraid of.The neighbor's window was thrashed and I had arrived only ten minutes ago at my Uncle's house. What was I going to tell him when he arrived from work? Let alone, what was I going to tell the neighbor who I had found out moved in less then a week ago? Quickly, I ran to see if any cars were in the driveway or any dogs loose in the neighbor's backyard. There wasn't, so I ran and jumped their fence and picked up as many pieces of glass as I could and tossed them in a nearby trashcan. What were the neighbor's going to think of my Uncle? Thoughts kept running through my head and I began feeling dizzy and light-headed. I could feel blood elevating through my body.I managed to make it back to my Uncle's house and passed out on the couch. When it seemed like I was sleeping for days, I was awakened by the loud sound of my Uncle's door shutting. Quick foot steps echoed distinctly through the large house. I had to tell my Uncle before he would find out himself about the disaster I had created. I slowly crept up the stairs where I had heard the footsteps go. Nervously, I placed my shaking hand on the door knob. Suddenly, the door swung open and the violent swing caused me to go tumbling down the stairs. He laughed a loud roaring somewhat wicked laugh and then...

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1043 words - 4 pages awakening of a hero's journey is the part where a hero is finally inducted into the hero's world. It is the point in the story where the hero does something that recognizes him as a "man". Also, one can say that the Initiation is something that pushes the hero into the adult world. One of the rites of passage into the adult world was when Huck helped a slave friend, otherwise known as Jim, to escape.The idea of Huck, a white person, and Jim, a

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782 words - 3 pages is unmatched; without him, his men would have journeyed to their doom much sooner.An important aspect of Odysseus's journey is that it completes all of the stages of a hero's journey. A vital element of the hero's journey is the threshold, in this point of the story the hero encounters a guide. In Odysseus's case, his guide is in the form of Calypso. Calypso is Odysseus's guide because she aides him by giving him a great deal of advice and

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1031 words - 5 pages , he was a father, and a husband who was able to show is emotions and not think twice of it. This to me showed me how hero's didn't have to be these godly people that didn't have emotions. They could be real people with softer sides that broke down but could keep going especially with the goal that he had. Which leads me to think on what his goal truly was, when the story first started it seemed like he wanted to get home but wanted the glory of

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963 words - 4 pages would destroy them, begin to kill all of the Gelflings. Ushering in Jen's position as the hero who is called, the Skeksis kill his family. Sole survivor from his family, Jen is kept safe by a race of gentle mystics, known as the urRu. This trajectory of birth, threat, and protection likewise follows Leeming's description of the story line of the hero myth because, wherein "a further dimension is added by the threat to the young hero's life" (218

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671 words - 3 pages Willow's Hero's JourneyGeorge Lucas uses Joesph Campbell's Hero's journey pattern to create the storyline of the film Willow. Willow is an ordinary farmer and family man called to action and finds courage to endure his journey in spite of overwhelming obstacles. Willow's children find a baby girl on the river behind their home in Nelwyn village and take her home. Willow consults the village counsel and they nominate Willow as the man who will

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551 words - 2 pages Roxy Gonzalez 5/1/13 Period 3 Farley Tragic Hero's Although the plays of Macbeth and Agamemnon share the theme of murder, and prophesies, Agamemnon dies by his wife out of revenge, while Macbeth dies by the hand of Macduff in an ironical way. Agamemnon is introduced as king, while Macbeth starts out as a Thane, then moves his way up the hierarchy and takes the position of king. Both men start out in "high" places but follow the tradition of a

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992 words - 4 pages tells Claudio: "I came hither to tell you, and, circumstances shortened—for she [Hero] has been too long a-talking of—the lady is disloyal." (3.2.96–98.) Don John brings Claudio to Hero's window and convinces him that he is seeing Hero being disloyal when it is actually Hero's servant, Margaret, with Borachio. Claudio accuses Hero at their wedding, and she faints as a result. Claudio leaves and the Friar, who was supposed to marry them, suggests

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1241 words - 5 pages Salem village and travels an unknown road in a dark forest in the middle of the night, a common motif in literature better known as the Hero's journey, and is faced with obstacles. He must decide if he will carry his journey out till the end, or turn back and not learn the truth about himself and other humans. The story "Young Goodman Brown," by Nathaniel Hawthorne traces Young Goodman Brown's experiences, physical and psychological, paralleling

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592 words - 2 pages worse fate.For an individual to posses the qualities of a hero, he or she must show determination when others are reluctant of a situation. A hero must also be able to take over for others who may feel as though there is no other option but to give up. It was important for the author of this story to portray these qualities the main character of this story in order to give him a heroic persona.As illustrated in this story, hero's come in all shapes

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501 words - 2 pages variety of comedy, love and betrayal.Sometimes, the hero's journey involves learning to believe in ourselves and our ability to play our part. We may even need to grow into and accept our ability to lead others, overcoming guilt or confusion, Simba is an example of this. A hero's journey is primarily a journey to the center of yourself, an inner journey to wholeness and understandingThe process of the Hero’s journey and how the story of The Lion King isn’t just a movie about a Lion, it actually shows how Simba, a curious Lion transformed into a Hero thus fulfilling the Hero’s Quest.

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1938 words - 8 pages focus on himself and his glory, to that of his people. His focus will begin to switch to that of others, not just himself. This however will take time to take root and really change his character. For the time being, Beowulf will continue on his personal quest for glory. Before continuing on to the second half of the Hero's Journey, there is another story covered in this class (albeit in film form) that offers a different viewpoint and different

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1219 words - 5 pages has been resolved, the hero's journey is complete, and the hero can live on with his new knowledge of his journey traveled. In a Hero's Journey the hero faces many people, the role the character plays is known as an archetype. While a character can wear more than one maks depending on the demands in the story, most characters have one main archetype that describes their primary fucntion throughout the stroy. The hero's archetype is to serve and

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807 words - 4 pages God as his master. Beowulf and Faustus both follow a hero's journey but the difference seems to be that Faustus' journey takes more of a tragic turn. He follows the monomyth just as Beowulf and both possess similar qualities but strays down a sinister path. As centuries pass one can see that the perspectives on what a hero could be broadens showing that one can follow the same heroic journey while steering down a distinctly different story line.

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1484 words - 6 pages Grapes of Wrath: The Hero's EndingThe Hero's JourneySeparation (from the known)The CallThe Threshold (with guardians, helpers, and mentor)Initiation and TransformationThe ChallengesThe AbyssThe TransformationThe RevelationThe AtonementThe Return (to the known world)The Return (with a Gift)A traditional Hero's Journey story follows the pattern above. The story follows the hero on his journal from point A, through obstacles, to point B, and then

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1071 words - 4 pages is uncommon for its time. The Odyssey contains numerous examples of a hero's journey which can be compared and contrasted with other Greek myths such as the stories of Theseus, Jason, Hercules, and Perseus. However, Homer's Odyssey doesn't contain and follow some of the classical rules of a hero's journey by telling the story of a older, well established hero, yet it is considered far superior compared to other hero myths through its vivid