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"A life not lived for others is not a life." Mother Teresa has made this sentence reality, and has proven that one person can make a difference for many. Her life was dedicated to all people in need. She has helped the sick, dying, and poor with all her might and strength. A good, hard working, caring, giving, brave person is a hero. Mother Teresa has all these qualities. If you dedicated your life to and for others, you would be a great hero and roll model to millions. As you learn more about Mother Teresa's life history, problems and struggles, accomplishments and contributions, you will be able to see that she really is a true hero.
A Chronological Account of Mother Teresa's Life
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She even founded the Missionaries of Charity. She continued her work up until September 5 1997, when at age 87, she died of heart failure in Calcutta, India. Mother Teresa now lies in a simple white tomb at the central house of the Missionaries of Charity.
Problems and Struggles
Even though she helped hundreds of people, there were still many struggles she faced. Moving to the streets is a hard thing to do. It was hard to help the poor since she herself was poor at the time. She even had to beg for food! But she felt she was "called" to help people. Mother Teresa said that all her life of charity and helping was only for God, even though she experienced doubt and loneliness. Mother Teresa felt as if God had taken his presence away from her for the last fifty years of her life, and that he wouldn't answer her prayers.
People were criticizing her for her beliefs and actions. It was becoming harder and harder to keep serving faithfully. She said, "There is such a terrible darkness within me, as if everything was dead." She also said, "In my heart there is no faith—no love—no trust—there is so much pain—the pain of longing, the pain of not being wanted. I want God with all the powers of my soul—and yet there between us—there is terrible separation. I don’t pray any longer." This was a major struggle as you can imagine. She was known for being a great saint. It would be a big deal if Mother Teresa completely stopped believing in God. Yet, with all these conflicts, she continued to serve trying to be faithful.
Accomplishments and Contributions
It's a good thing that she continued to work, because she accomplished many things. The consequence of doing so many charitable things was being recognized and awarded. She won the Nobel Peace Prize, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Peace and Fraternity Among Peoples, and many others. Mother Teresa really didn't do this to become famous, but it just ended up being that way. It all started when she wanted to help people, then in 1949 a group of young women started to help her in efforts to better the...

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