A Heroic Journey In True Grit

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“The journey of the hero is about the courage to seek the depths; the image of creative rebirth; the eternal cycle of change within us…The hero journey is a symbol that binds …. (Phil Cousineau).” Mattie Ross learns this in True Grit, by Charles Portis, when she experiences the death of her father. She says, ”…Tom Chaney shot my father down in Fort Smith, Arkansas and robbed him of his life and his horses and $150 in cash money plus two California gold pieces that he carried in his trouser band(11)”. Frank Ross, Matties’ father, who was shot to death, by a man named, Tom Chaney. Mattie Ross is just 14 years old in the 1870’s, she states, “Nothing is free in this world except the grace of ...view middle of the document...

I aim to see him shot or hanged(33). “ She feels quite strong about reclaiming justice, she didn’t attend her fathers funeral, she says, “I had my father’s business to attend to (27).” She is referring to, getting his body, his belongings and finding the man who shot her father down. Mattie confirms, it is her fathers body, she declares, “That is my father. Tom Chaney would pay for this! (24).” This is her quest to reclaim the injustice in her life. The threshold is next, this the jumping off point in Mattie’s journey. “the initiate may encounter people, or situations which block her passage into the journey. The two men who were hired to get the culprit didn’t want her presence, they left on the journey alone, then try to turn her into the sherriff, for being a runaway and told the man who tried to stop her “I have business across the river (106)”. Above all, Mattie still insisted she go. Mattie stated, “We hit the river running…we were up and free I reined in (107) .” These situations, display that she was being blocked on her passage into the journey. This is brings her to Choctaw Nation, the initiate begins the journey into the unknown.
Mattie is past the threshold and ready to take on the unknown world. In a hero’s journey it states “as the initiate goes deeper into the unknown, she puts herself more and more at risk, emotionally and physically…. The initiate faces a series of challenges or temptations (51 Harris and Thompson). This begins when, she catches up to the two men she says, “He pulled me from the saddle and threw me to the ground, facedown… gave me a couple of sharp licks with the switch(110).” This is for Mattie not obeying them, they didn’t want her to come along on the journey. She then witnessed gruesome activity, “Quincy brought the bowie knife down on moos cuffed hand and chopped off four fingers which flew up before my eyes like chips from a log…Quincy was insensible and dead or dying and moon was bleeding terribly from his hand and from a mortal puncture in the breast…(133).” This put her more at risk emotionally, especially for a 14 year old having to be a witness. According to Harris and Thompson, “As his journey progresses, the challenges become more and more difficult, testing him to the utmost, and forcing him to change and grow…(51) “. As Mattie goes to fetch water by herself, she is caught off guard when she encounters someone, “The man was none other than Tom Chaney! (178).” Mattie advises Tom to go back to Fort Smith, but he refuses. Mattie indicates, “…pointed the revolver at his belly and shot him down (179).” Mattie; put herself at great risk, going alone to fetch water alone, she ends up shooting him in the head. These situations show several challenges she faced, but not the greatest challenge faced, Mattie’s recalls, “the kick of the big pistol sent me reeling backward. I had forgotten about the pit behind me! Over the edge I went, then tumbling and bouncing against the irregular sides…that fairly...

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