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A High Security System For Databases

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Abstract - The intent of this paper is to give users of database software, a basicunderstanding of the enhanced security capabilities achieved through Hard DiskShadowing over IP networks. The paper discusses the design and implementation of HardDisk Shadowing system over a packet switched Internet Protocol(IP) network. The systemcreates an accurate copy of critical information at two drives simultaneously thusproviding identical failover storage devices on two servers.This leverages the existing IPnetwork infrastructure, hence minimizing deployment time and total cost of development.Index Terms-Hard Disk Shadowing, Reproduction Sets, Slist, StatfileI. INTRODUCTIONTimely access to accurate and up-to-date information is critical to the success of businesses andinstitutions today. Applications such as business intelligence and e-commerce demand it, andpeople attached with them expect it.With the volume of information nearly doubling annually forthe larger organizations data storage, access and security are among the most demandingchallenges facing database management.Database systems are today marked by a number of factors that can disrupt their normaloperations.The first factor is information growth.The systems are handling huge volumes of data,and the volume is growing exponentially.As a result the system managers are swimming in disksand tapes second factor is the increasing demand for access to applications. The services are nowrequired literally around the clock. A third factor is that systems are changing all the time, withnew applications, major enhancements to .existing applications, and new technology. Finally thedatabase systems face continuo us intentional or unintentional security threats.Each of these factors directly involve or impact movements of huge amounts of data, inincrements or all at once for one reason or another, from one location to another.Hard DiskShadowing can provide an elegant solution for data protection, data replication and datamigration.Hard Disk Shadowing is a disk storage process for generating an image of data on two or moredisks: a primary and one or more secondary disks.The purpose of disk shadowing is to providean up-to-date mirror image of critical data available on duplicate disks at all times. Thesecondary disks reside remotely from the primary disk. The users are provided access to thesecondary disks and the primary disk holds the backup data to counter any security threats ordisaster. The application residing in primary system issues a disk write command to the primarydisk. The primary server interconnects to a separate server, which relays the same disk write tothe secondary server to complete the operation.With shadowing, the both the servers can be placed in the same server room or in differentbuildings in a campus environment. In fact, with proper bandwidth, these servers can beseparated by many miles to give protection from disasters that could destroy or corrupt data at asingle location. Virtually...

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