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A Historical View Of Mary The Queen Of Scot's Relationship With England

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Kly RandellEnglish 2322Samuelson3 July 2007A Historical View of Mary the Queen of Scot's Relationship with EnglandWhen people think of the most influential monarchs in the history of the world they think of King James, the fictitious Arthur, and Queen Elizabeth. However, they always fail to remember Mary Queen of the Scots in that most famous group. Cousin to Queen Elizabeth I, Mary was probably more famous in her time than the great Queen of England. She was once thought and believed to be the rightful ruler of England instead. That plain and simple idea sparked years of rivalry between the two Queens. During the years of Mary's life, her relationship with Elizabeth I ...view middle of the document...

While this was not the first battle between Scotland and England, it was the first true test between Mary and her cousin Elizabeth I. Elizabeth never got over the fact completely that Mary was thought to have been the next heir in England, although she finally agreed that it was not Mary's intention to rule over England.In 1559, the king of France died and Mary and the Dauphin were crowned King and Queen of France. At this moment in time, Mary is the Queen of two independent countries. This brings Elizabeth to fear Mary's power and her astounding leadership abilities. This also rekindles Elizabeth's fears of Mary taking over the throne of England. Not only does the fear of Mary's growing power come about, but so does jealousy of her cousin.The year 1560 was a very tough year for Mary. Her mother died back in Scotland and not six months later her "young husband died . . . after a reign of seventeen months" (The World). This left Mary as the sole ruler of two sovereign nations. She was "unwilling to stay in France and live under the domination of her mother-in-law" so she left and headed for the newly Protestant Scotland. While the fear grows even more within Elizabeth, Mary is not at all concerned about England. In fact she did not even wait for a safe-conduct pass from England before embarking across the English seas back home to her native Scotland. Because of that, Elizabeth's ships follow and patrol her route.Mary's return to Scotland was received with "great joy and celebration" (Morris). Mary immediately tried to help and end the suffering. She knew that she was succeeding a "most troubled heritage" (Marshall). However, she wanted to make a difference and start a new reign for her Scotland. She tried to keep peaceful relations with all of her neighboring, powerful countries: France, Spain, and even for a short lived time England. What was so astonishing about this fact is that she accomplished this without signing any treaties at all. While it would of given Scotland protection from invasion, it might of also brought Scotland into a war it did not need. While she never met Elizabeth face to face, "her patience was tried by the English ambassador's persistent and obvious spying" (Marshall).After a failed attempt to negotiate a Catholic marriage to the son of Phillip II of Spain, she married her first cousin Henry Stewart, Lord Darnley in July of 1565. Her marriage was "unacceptable to the Protestants" and therefore caused a rebellion. In 1566 they welcomed their son the future James VI of Scotland as the future heir to the throne. Elizabeth I watched these events not only with interest, but jealousy and amusement as well. She knew that her choice to remain unmarried and childless most undoubtedly meant that not only would James VI be the future ruler of Scotland, but also of her England.Trouble for Mary started when her husband Darnley was murdered by his own nobles. In fear for her own life and the life of her newborn son she agreed to...

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