A Holistic View On Globalization That Helps Improve Development

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However, some of the problems are also seen because of the high demands of water and the scarcity of water that leads to the development and construction of dams. For example Barbara Johnston mentions in “Water and Human Rights” how dams are supposed to regulate water and make water more accessible for humans and their communities and project energy and economic goals. Yet, the building of dams has not done any of those following goals and has showed more of a decline than an increase in those areas (Johnston, 445). In addition, Johnston mentions how 60% of the rivers were dammed making an extreme impact on the extinction of 30% of the worlds freshwater fish (Johnston, 445). Other problems ...view middle of the document...

Johnston does not only focus on the displacement caused by the building of dams, she also brings to light and mentions how the people were treated when they were displaced. When visiting the Chixoy people in Pacux, she mentions how in order to enter the premises she had to pass through an armed gate and the whole area was surrounded by chain linked and razor wired fences (Johnston, 460). This holistic view provides us with information that we would not know if just told about the construction of the dam. In addition, Johnston also explains how the people from the community were flooded out or forced to leave their homes at gunpoint. With the construction of the dam and trying to form a more globalized city they destroyed 10 Chixoy communities and massacred residents (Johnston, 461). Thanks to Johnston’s holistic study on the Chixoy community they spread awareness and changed things within these populations; because it is inhumane that they are forcefully evacuating people and taking away innocent lives. These developments and globalization is only hurting the communities and does not provide any assistance to those who have been displaced or survived these atrocities (Johnston, 463). Johnston’s study proves/demonstrates that developers and the Guatemalan government are failing the communities that they are supposed to protect (Johnston, 462).
Another article that also supports the findings that globalization is negatively impacting our communities around the world is Barbara Johnston’s contribution to Oliver Smith’s chapter 10 “Development and Disposition.” In this section of the book Smith refers to Johnston because of her extreme work with displaced communities, including the one previously mentioned about the Guatemala dam legacies. Smith mentions how Johnston states that because of developmental projects that are trying to globalize certain communities, these people are facing more poverty, misery, and intergenerational disasters (Smith, 212). Johnston’s holistic view on these issues help us realize that one problem can lead to many other problems that we aren’t aware of; for example by saying intergenerational Johnston means the problems that not only affect the people living in those areas now but the problems that will affect generations to come and those from before. This relates to the problems seen in china where the pollution is affecting their water sources and their crops due to factories and waste emissions that seep into the ground and water (Smith, 29). The problems faced in china will be seen for generations to come because the waste is now penetrated through the soil and has contaminated the water, both which are used to grow certain crops and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
In addition to the incident with the water and the building of dams, the factories have also caused people to move from the area where they have been living, relocation due to displacement. For the people who have not moved and are still in the area they...

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