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A "Holy" Crime Essay

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A “holy” crime is a crime that you commit for a good cause. Both Antigone and Brutus commit a “holy” crime. However, we have to decide whose crime was more holy. To do this we will look at the reasons for why each of them committed their crimes. Antigone’s crime in Antigone, by Sophocles, is more “holy” than Brutus’s crime in Julius Caesar, by Shakespeare, because of her intentions and the reaction of others to her crime.
The reactions of others to Antigone’s crime also helps us to determine its “holiness”. As expressed by Haimon “They say no woman has ever, so unreasonably, / Died so shameful a death for a generous act”(Sophocles Scene 3.63-64) one can see that Antigone’s home city, ...view middle of the document...

Even though Brutus had pure intentions, which was to save Rome from Caesar’s ambition, they were still based on Cassius’s lies. Therefore, Brutus was ignorant since his crime was based on lies. He could’ve simply asked one of Rome’s citizens if they were displeased with Caesar, but instead he decided to listen to some “random” letter that he found in his house. Furthermore, the citizen he asked probably would’ve said that they liked Caesar since “[Rome] did love [Caesar]”(Shakespeare 3.1.100).
The reactions of others and Brutus to his crime also helps us to determine its “holiness”. The city of Rome didn’t think that Brutus’s crime was holy. One can tell this since the Roman citizens started to rebel against the fact that Brutus killed Caesar. Therefore, the only people who thought that Brutus’s crime was holy would be Brutus and his fellow conspirators. Even after a while Brutus starts to doubt the “holiness” of his crime, this is expressed by when he says that he “[wishes] / Things done undone”(Shakespeare 4.2.8-9). Furthermore, Even nature itself reacted to Brutus’s crime. It did this by showing strange signs, such as a lion in the streets and people coming back from the dead. This helps show that nature is “out of balance” when the conspirators were getting ready to kill Caesar, which means that even nature is not okay with Brutus’s crime.
Antigone’s crime was “holier” than Brutus’s crime for many reasons. One reason for why Antigone’s crime was more “holy” is that she actually helped her brother by burying him. Unlike Antigone’s crime, Brutus’s crime didn’t seem to help anyone. This can be seen in the fact that since Caesar helped Rome by filling “the general...

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