A Horrible Great Nightmare Essay

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I felt dizzy, so I got up and looked around. I thought it was around 4:56 pm. I looked to my left and to my right. I even looked forward and behind me. I didn't recognize any of my surroundings. I should have listened to my brown haired mom when she said, “Joey, don't mess with anything you don't know." Now I, irresponsible Joey, was stuck in a place I had no clue about. I was inside a large circle, which was divided into columns. There were six columns and each column had a different environment. The six environments were: forests, mountains, plains, oceans, arctics, and beaches, all in different directions. All of the environments were separated into seasons.
"Where am I?" I shouted. I placed my hand next to my ear so that I could hear better, but all I heard was my own voice that echoed back to me. My thoughts were all jumbled. How did I get here? One moment I was at home; Then I was suddenly over here. I looked up to the sky; it seemed pretty cloudy, and it looked like it was about to rain. I needed to find shelter, fast. Thinking and running fast, I decided to head for the mountains. I decided to go there because, I would be safe if I found a cave. I then figured I would be saved, and I wouldn't have to build a shelter from scratch. Right when I crossed the border line, between the circle and environment, a blinding flash of lightning hit right in the middle of the circle. Since that scared me to death, I ran faster. I was lost, but I finally found a cave. It was high up in the mountains, covered with boulders and moss. It was pretty far from me, and it had started to rain. I didn't have anything with me, so I made an umbrella that used a big fern. I picked up some wet clay on the ground, and attached a stick on it to make the umbrella longer. Though the cave was so close to me, I still felt far from it. As I looked for the entrance, my dirty blond hair got stuck in a tree branch. I finally yanked my hair out, but while I was doing that my brown pants got stuck under a rock. While I pulled them out, they ripped, so now one of my pant legs looked like shorts, great. By then, I...

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