A Huge Change In My Life Since Entering College

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How much has my life changed in the last few months? Coming from high school to college means a huge academic jump and a complete change in my life. Even though high school was my first academic experience in United States; my life in college is more complex than my life in high school was, especially when it comes to the classes’ structure, study routine, and free time enjoyment.
Both my classes in college and my classes in high school have their own structure. I really like the structure of the college classes because they are flexible. I am in total control of the time of my classes, letting me plan ahead my activities. My current classes range from fifty minutes to an hour and twenty minutes long. I enjoy having short classes because I can focus more in a subject, and I don’t get bored in the classroom. Also, I can pick my schedule and transform it at my convenience. This semester I have really good instructors in the four classes that I am taking. All of them are very professional and ready to teach when they come to the classroom; furthermore, they present the material straightforward, in every class. When I got to college, I started feeling responsible; in college I have more responsibilities as a student. In college, if I don’t understand any subject, is my responsibility to contact my instructor in his/her office hours. I am not obligated to be in the classroom; therefore, is my decision whether to stay in class or not. I can say that now I have officially turned eighteen! On the other hand, I consider the classes’ structure that I had in high school as obsolete. I used to have very long classes, and I couldn’t even change them. I didn’t like most of my teachers in high school because they didn’t teach with passion, and some of them had to study the subject along with the class because they weren’t sure about the subject. In high school, I was more like a child; I was forced to stay in class. If I got stuck in any subject I couldn’t consult any teacher after class because the teachers were already gone. Now that I am in college and having already experienced high school life, I can say that, in college, I have a flexible and better classes’ structure than in high school.
One of the biggest changes that I've faced coming from high school to college is that I have to study on my own. In college, every day I get homework about the subject worked in class, reviewing it and practicing for the next class. Another helpful tool that I have is access to study is the laboratory. In there I can get intensive and specialized help; also in the laboratory I have Personal Learning Plan that fit to my learning skills. In addition to the examples I mentioned before, I do some voluntary study with the purpose of correcting any weaknesses that I might have. On the contrary, in high school I wasn’t required to study...

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