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A Hundred Orgasms A Day Essay

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For my Out of the Box Activity, I watched a documentary that followed the story of 3 women who were tormented 24/7 with the need to have orgasm. The documentary explained how Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS) causes this unusual condition characterized by throbbing, spontaneous and irrepressible genital arousal in females. PSAS is a little known neurological disorder and the victim's arousal is not linked to sexual desire. Most important to note is that PSAS is actually not related to hyper-sexuality, aka nymphomania. Not only is PSAS very rare, the disorder is seldom reported by the affected individual, who may think it is shameful and embarrassing or that they are the only people on the planet that have the disorder. Rachel, a woman from Atlanta, GA explains that she has to use rigorous control over her body to prevent a climax. “They come every 30 seconds for four to six [or] sometimes eight hours, ...view middle of the document...

Specifically to myself, I learned that there is a such thing as too many orgasms and that it is actually the worst condition for any woman to have because even once they relieve the sexual tension, the body continues to crave more. Many people are blinded and believe that PSAS would be considered ‘every man’s dream’ but as Rachel’s husband John explains “it is a double-edged sword, you think you want it, until you have got it.” My chosen Out of the Box Activity is important to our society because, PSAS has the potential to destroy relationships and debilitate lives. Many women have to stop working, struggle with their relationship and/or dating, and even end their lives because of the disorder. Since there is no known cure for PSAS, suicide seems to be the only way out. It is also important to our society because women need to know that they are not alone in the world, and that other women are suffering as well. Knowing that you are not alone is not a cure or a treatment but it does have the ability to ease the embarrassment and offer hope for a better tomorrow. I would recommend this Out of the Box Activity to others because it is very informative about an extremely rare condition. My thoughts were “okay, I’m sure if they kept their minds business with activities that they could ignore the pulsations of their genitalia.” But if the symptoms are ignored and not acted upon by sexual release, the victim may experience waves of spontaneous orgasms or pain in the genitals and abdomen area due to the constant contractions. I will continue experiencing such activities because it is important to me to share knowledge when one obtains it. There are so many rare conditions that put people in dark places because it is unbearable, or painful and there is no cure or even a treatment of temporary relief. One can only provide support and prayers to the women suffering from PSAS as I can only imagine how much agony that they may be going through. Stay strong ladies! Sometimes staying strong feels impossible but giving up is absolutely not an option!

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