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I chose research in a clinical psychologist career. I have been interested in the field of psychology since high school, and I have always wanted to work with helping people. A doctorate’s degree, an internship, up to two years professional practice, and the passing of the Examination of Professional Practice in Psychology are the education and training requirements to become a clinical psychologist. Licensure is also needed to practice clinical psychology.
As a clinical psychologist, my responsibilities and duties would include: studying and diagnosing mental, emotional, and behavioral problems; treating and helping my clients; and consulting with other trained psychologists on the best way to help the patients.
Being a private practice clinical psychologist means that I can set my own schedule. Most clinical psychologists work during normal business hours and sometimes on the weekend to work around clients’ schedules, however. I believe that I will set my workdays and hours as deemed fit to help my patients to my full capability.
Clinical psychologists make a good bit of money in their job field. From a 2010 census, I could have a salary between $50-60,000 a year being a clinical psychologist. I believe that is considered middle class in Louisiana, and I think I could easily live off of that kind of salary.
I find the job outlook for clinical psychologists pretty good. From 2010 to 2020, a 22 percent job growth is expected in the clinical psychologist occupation. The mental and regular health care industry has been in boom for a while and it still growing. I believe this is good for me going into clinical psychology doing the growth period.
As a clinical psychologist, I would not really have to move for my job. I believe it depends on the job outlook in the area that I work in that will determine if relocation is necessary or not. I would be okay with having to move to continue practicing the job I love and to know my job is secure.
Personality and Career
My MBTI type was categorized as ISFP. “I” stands for introversion, meaning I tend to focus on myself and I think before acting. “S” stands for sensing, meaning I use my five senses to perceive things, and that I am a “here and now” person. “F” stands for feeling, meaning I make decisions on what I believe or what others think. “P” stands for perceiving, meaning I am flexible and rather understand things than control them; also, meaning I am more open in trying and trusting things. I believe my introversion, sensing, and feeling were correct, but I feel I am more of a judging person than a perceiving one.
According to my Preference Clarity Index chart, I was really sure about my introversion and sensing types, being as they were the longest bars. I was slightly sure about my feeling and perceiving types, those being my lowest bars on the graph. I agree with those results because I am certain on my introversion and my sensible approaches. I felt in between on thinking or feeling and...

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