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A Journey Around The World Essay

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I immediately found quite a bit of information on the United States, but I had to wade through the state laws to find a national law. It seems that the only federal law that regulates the treatment of animals in research, transport and exhibition is the Animal Welfare Act. It was the first federal law regarding animals in research. It applies to animal carriers, handlers, breeders, dealers, and research laboratories. It sets the minimum standard of care that must be given to the animals. This includes the basics such as housing, sanitation, food, water, protection, and veterinary care. However, one thing I found quite disappointing was that this law only covers warm-blooded animals, ...view middle of the document...

Cockpits are also illegal and owning one or being a part of one is punishable. Canada appears to have an excellent number of laws that encompass a variety of cruel acts .However, the punishments are usually minimal (
Europe appears to be very similar to the United States regarding animal welfare laws. Though there is no one governing law, each country has its own specific, yet similar, laws and rules. However, I did find one law for all of Europe, but it only involves pet animals. It states that no person is allowed to cause a pet any unnecessary pain or suffering. But each country still develops its own laws. France, for instance, is similar to the USA in that cruelty is not uncommon, yet laws are in place to punish those who hurt them. In Paris, small dogs are used and sold as accessories, which has been a topic of debate. However, in France, cats are seen as self-sufficient and not as pets. Many areas have a problem with strays, and those this has gone unaddressed, France has many animal charities (
In Germany, the German Animal Welfare Act the main law used today. Max Planck Institute of Germany states, “the German Animal Welfare Act is some of the strictest legislation in the world and affords animals far-reaching protection. According to the law they are fellow creatures” (hirnforschung.kyb). However, this law does allow animal research, but it must always be shown that the goal of the experiments cannot be reached using other methods. These experiments can only be performed if they serve the purpose of prevention or treatment or diagnosis of diseases, they are part of safety testing of materials, or are necessary for basic research. Overall, Europe is a lot like the United States with its animal welfare laws. The continent has an average amount of moderately strict laws, with each country making its own laws with varying degrees of severity.
It is well known to much of the general population that China has limited animal protection laws and it known for its cruelty to livestock and animals used for their fur. I found countless stories and videos describing the horrors activists and the Chinese public found. However, I failed to find any real documents describing the actual laws in place. This could either be due to the fact that they do not have any, or are very small and minimal. I did find that for products to be sold in China, they must have been tested on animals. Many beauty companies which used to be animal cruelty free aren’t anymore because they wanted to sell in China. Aside from this, the stories I read and pictures I saw showed terrible treatment of animals. Raccoon dogs are skinned alive for their fur, and left writhing in pain, bleeding and helpless, in a pile of their kin. Cats and dogs are shoved into tiny wire boxes, thrown everywhere, kicked and prodded. These animals are used for various...

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