A Journey Of The Unsighted (Creative Writing For Journey's Nsw Hsc).

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Seeing new people, new places and being exposed to new experiences, it changes people. My world was the only place I felt comfortable and safe from the evil exterior that I'd made myself believe never existed. I closed myself out from love and being loved, from taking chances and having enough belief in my own ability to get through the hard times. My journey was finding myself. Uncovering a girl that appreciated and accepted the world, the people in it and finding out where she fits in. In my sheltered world I was foolish, ignorant and weak. My passage opened my eyes, my head and my heart to the exquisite world that I knew existed but was always too afraid to search for.I'd been brought up in a country town where children ran innocently under the sprinklers to escape the harshness of my country sun. We roamed our sun bleached land, exploring its bulges and curves searching for something - or nothing. We were oblivious to those around us. We lived without a care in the world, we slept - occasionally, and we learnt about our selves and each other. Then we started growing up.People tend to believe that growing up is the same for everyone, you hit puberty, you feel things you'd never felt before, you start liking boys - which you could never believe to be possible, you get taller, fatter, you get pimples the size of Mount Everest, the grease and oil flows freely and bam, you're now a teenager. For me, it wasn't that straightforward. Not only did I get taller and fatter, but my parents had loosened my grip on my home, the place I felt safe and secure. Finger by finger they disconnected my grasp until it was gone. Unbeknown to me, my journey had begun.I had packed up my previous life and was on the road to nowhere. My destination, a foreign location where everything was different; the people, the place and the secrets it concealed from me.My parents continued to preach that I would have so many more opportunities and it was all for the better. At the time I couldn't think of anything worse, I knew no one and I felt so alone. I had no one to comfort me and no one who understood. There were no longer sprinklers on in the front yard, no innocent kids, no motorbikes, no farms, no exploring and no...

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817 words - 3 pages I looked outside the little window, the only place where I had contact with the outside world. They stared at me when I approached the transparent material, willing me to return to the corner of my confinement where they could not see me. I felt the heat in my chest start to build up, to a point where it was about to explode. Voices resound in the little squishy thing I called my brain. The voices were many; they built up to an irritating buzz

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1260 words - 5 pages but beautiful girl that was down to earth about things in life. Chelsea had come so far in life without any family and was only 25 years old. She was laid back about things but aware of people’s needs and worldwide issues. She was brave and confident to show people she wasn’t a little girl but a fighting woman waiting for the right time to show that. It had been three days since the terrifying news and nobody had a plan or an idea of what to

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2243 words - 9 pages “So here we have a standard derivative…”My mathteacher’s monotonous voice droned on and on, putting me in a zombie-like stupor. It was last block on Friday, and the stuffy room combined with the sheer dullness of the material we were covering had managed, as always, to weigh down my eyelids like a ton of bricks. As I struggled to keep my head lifted, I glanced around the room at the other students. Except for the few

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Let's just say I had a lot of fun writing this creative writing piece, for class. Teacher gave "A" for creative use of time. Very "a la Matrix," but dont let that distract you ;)

2407 words - 10 pages . The dingy street lights click off one by one. Lou opens his café, dropping the sign down - "Scrambled Eggs and Sausage- $3." Mrs. Johanssen leaves her door, ancient bloodhound at her side. Traffic is already picking up, for now a steady flow. In a few minutes, there will be hundreds more people taking this popular route to their offices on the outskirts of town. Over on 5th, Big Man's Gym opens with no ceremony- Chuck flings open the

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